Let’s be CIVIL with each other

Yesterday I attended Civil War Days at Camp Nelson (just outside of Nicholasville, KY). I got there in time just for the Skirmish (a fancy way to say “battle). I had never been to one and it was actually not what I thought it would be. There were only like 10 guys on each side! I don’t know if maybe Saturday was the big skirmish or what, but the field was kinda scarce. I guess I expected lots of shooting and jabbing and cannons. I did see some of that, but not to the extreme that I expected. Anyway, even without all the calvary, it was still pretty cool seeing all the men, women, and boys and girls decked out in the Civil War era duds.

Of course I got some pics and this one especially cracked me up…this cute little dog was jumping and running all over the place during the faux battle. It almost looks like he’s been hit in this picture (admittedly he seemed to be the star of the show).

battle dog

I thought these little girls were picture perfect. I love the little redheads foot propped. So sweet.

little ladies

Look! The Union rides again. Actually, I didn’t catch who really won the whole thing.
the union ride again

And look again! A horse, well, what did I expect? It is Kentucky after all.
soldier on horse

The Civil War Outpost sold felt jackets, hats, swords, books, buttons and more (and very cheap might I add…$40 for a pair of real wool pants!) These glasses caught my fancy.
making a spectacle of themselves

I found it funny that Ol’ Abe was drinking bottled water. He was listening to music from a quartet and singer as if it were from that time period.
abe doesn't do tap water

It was pretty neat. I learned a little bit more about Camp Nelson and can now mark one more thing off of my list that I did. Who am I kidding, though, I don’t have a list like that. Maybe I need to make one? Hmmmmm…..

Until next time Swellions!


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