Cleanliness is next to impossible

I should start a group for photos of brooms
Photo by Kaiton, via Flickr Creative Commons.

It’s that time again…relatives (my dad and niece) will be visiting my place in a few days and I’m feverishly getting my place in order. Seriously, the only time I clean is when I have guests, so my place is a general mess most days. I blame it on my creative mind.

Patty gave me the sweetest card today and it totally summed up my messiness, it read:

Who cares if you never get
the junk drawer cleaned,
or the closets organized,
or the sticky stuff
off the seat of your car?

Who cares if you’re always running
just a few minutes behind,
or if it’s been six months since
you actually balanced
your checkbook?

Who cares
about any of that
when you’re so good
at the the things
that really matter –
like being a wonderful friend.

I’m actually going first to Hollywood with my dad and niece starting Wednesday to see the sites and live it up, then we will head back to Fresno on Friday evening and visit both Sequoia and Yosemite on Saturday and Sunday. So it will be a crazy week and weekend. I’m ready for a nice break though.

So, as you will guess, I don’t anticipate blogging, but I’ll be twittering my trip so check my twitter account and I’ll keep you up to date with all the celebs I’ll be rubbing elbows with. Haha. No, we will go to the Walk of Fame (all the downtown Hollywood stuff) as well as go to Paramount Studios, I believe, and a tour of homes. It will be fun. I’m so happy, I get to spend time with my dad and my little TayTay (she’s not so little anymore…she’s 9).

Anyway, I’ll be back when I’m back. NOt sure if I will post tomorrow or not…depends on how much cleaning I have to do or get accomplished. Ugh, why don’t I just hire a maid??

Until next time Swellions!