Pumpkin Jewels

pumpkin jewels

Even though the “Biggest holiday of the year” is upon us, let’s not forget about that one that is just a few weeks away…the one where we throw our last hurrah for fall beauty!

I wanted to create a pretty pumpkin project for those of you not sure what do do with those autumn accents! Adding bling to your pumpkins is super fun and easy and something you can do in mere minutes. I did a couple different versions as you will see and here’s how to do them:

Jeweled Pumpkin Stem

– Mid-weight gauge wire (I used copper)
– large seed beads, crystal beads, gold spacers
– pumpkin with long stem
– round nose pliers

1. Cut off a piece of wire about 12” to 18” long. This will vary based on how long your stem is.
2. Create a small loop at the end of wire with round nose pliers
3. String beads randomly onto wire until desired length is achieved.
4. Make a coil at the end with the wire to finish it off.
5. Wrap it around pumpkin stem and display!

Curly Coils Pumpkin

– Mid-weight gauge wire (I used copper)
– large beads and charms in various sizes (I used resin pendant drop beads, large ab faceted beads, and even a heart toggle)
– ring mandrel
– round nose pliers

1. Cut several lengths of wire in various sizes (mine were anywher from 6” to 12” in length).
2. Coil wire ring mandrel to make long curly design. If you don’t have a ring mandrel, use your finger or a round tube (like lipstick or mascara tube).
3. Stick end of wire securely into pumpkin.
4. Place beads on ends of wire. Make small loops to hold into place if necessary. Since I created this for temporary décor, they just loosely hung on the coiled ends, kinda like ornaments on trees.

Hope you enjoyed this project and are getting inspired for the Thanksgiving days ahead!

Until next time Swellions!