My Crafty Couture Dress at the CHA show

My CHA Dress

I went to the Craft and Hobby Association Summer 2012 show last week and I had a blast getting to hang and meet lots of new crafty friends!

CHA Crafty Couture detail

The weeks leading up to the show was crazy.  I took on a task that I don’t normally do, I challenged myself to design a dress for the CHA Designer Crafty Couture Challenge. Crafty Chica encouraged me to take the project on and though I was a bit nervous, the end design really paid off! My friend Aunt Peaches was kind enough to send me photos she took at the show of my dress.  She recapped the show and her time in the iLoveToCreate booth on her blog!


I along with 5 other designers were chosen to have our dresses featured in an upcoming issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I was so excited and totally didn’t expect it.


My two crafty besties, Kathy (The Crafty Chica) and Pattiewack also are going to have their dress published in the magazine! We were all tickled pink for each other!

Winners of Crafty Couture at CHA

Here’s a pic of all the winners on display.  Candy had the fan favorite dress! It was a steampunk dream! As soon as I saw it, I knew it would win!

To see some of the other fun and amazing dress design, see Craft Test Dummies recap of the CHA Crafty Couture dresses.

Until next time Swellions!


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Colorful photos from the 2012 Craft and Hobby Association Winter Show


I only had a couple of hours of free time to walk the Craft and Hobby Association show.  Most of my time was spent in the iLoveToCreate Bloggers’ Lounge. Click here to see the recaps I did for the iLoveToCreate blog of our booth! I was able to capture a lot of eye candy while there.  When I was away from the booth; however, I didn’t have much time to really dive into each booth, I just took photos that were bright, colorful and instantly caught my eye like the quote art above from Me and My Big Ideas.  I love it so! Here’s some more crafty captures I caught around the show floor…I try to attribute each, but admittedly, I didn’t get the names of each of the booths.  I’ll have to be better about that next time!

Glittery bullesye from the Art Glitter Booth created by Barbara Trombley. It was so pretty and sparkly!
And these pillows and trims just make me swoon! zipper-flowers
You can’t go wrong with zippers and flowers and this wall art display by Maya Road was just fabulous! I found a bigger picture here.
Lion Brand Yarn always has a lot on visual display. I loved this circle sculpture art and…

this art dress against a square patterned quilt. lion-brand-yarn
Their selection of yarns was pretty radly displayed too! card-catalog-shelf
This library card cabinet was so pretty when it reflected against the red carpet. It was in the Ideaology booth.
They also had a lot of vintage knicknacks. I really want this mini bowling pin set! paper-flowers
These paper flowers on display also caught my eye. They are so pretty in big clusters! Heidi-Swapp-booth-accents
Heidi Swapp’s
booth was the raddest scrapbooking stuff in all of CHAland! Seriously, I feel like she gets my style (or should it be the other way around)? colorful-scrapbook-albums
I love the rainbow of colors of these scrapbook albums! 80's-pop-beadsAnd one of the coolest things I got to take home? A bagful of pop beads from the Beadery!

Hope this helped give you a mini tour of what I saw!  It’s so hard to capture everything; however, I did find one Flickr user who did just that.  If you want to see more pics from the CHA show, visit Shopping Diva’s Flickr stream.

Until next time Swellions!


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