And the winner of the Pumpkin Man Box is…

Vintage-inspired Halloween Pumpkin box + tutorial

The results are in for the Pumpkin man box contest!!! I had my trusty friend Mr. Spikey Greenball preside over the drawing. He did a stand up job (well, actually he doesn’t have legs, but you get the point). Heres him with all the entries!

The entries are in!

I folded them and stirred up the bowl. Mr. Spikey Greenball kept a watchful eye!

Stir them up!

Too much of a watchful eye! Hey…NO PEEKING!!!

No peeking!

And the winner is…

And the winner is...Joanne Kennedy!

JOANNE KENNEDY! YAY! Mr. Spikey Greenball got so excited that he wore your name as a hair accessory. He’s so metrosexual! Send me your address at and I’ll get it shipped out to you! I really appreciate everyone who participated. I wish I could send one to all of you guys. You’re all so awesome, but alas, I just have one.

Congrats Joanne! I hope you find a special place to display him! He wants to show off afterall!!! Kinda like Mr. Spikey Greenball!

Until next time Swellions!


Colorful crafty photo day!

Yo yo. This week is just flying by! I am a busy bee as of late. Spent last night trying to actually organize some things. I don’t know about you, but I have to be in the mood to that and then when I’m on it, I’m on it! If I get distracted or have to go somewhere, everything goes to pot. I just have to be in that mode. I get really frustrated when I clean/organize for two nights in a row and get really excited about my progress, and then have a string of out of town/out on the town activities to do. It’s not that I don’t enjoy doing these things, but by the time I get back into organizing again, my place is worse or and I have to start over all over again! Ugh!

So, I took a few photos last night that I wanted to share. They’re crafty inspirations, I guess you would say. I’m actually thinking about selling some of my old scrapbook/paper craft stuff like these things and putting items into mini bundles on etsy or ebay. I have a lot of things I just don’t use and they are just sitting around not being used (the types of things I bought for just one project, but have no use for otherwise)…if I can make a little bit of money off of them, I’d rather do that than just hand them off to Goodwill, ya know?


letter chipboard

star of the show

I wanted to remind everyone of my current contest/giveaway
Just leave your name in the comments and check back next Wednesday. I’ll announce a winner then to win my cute vintage-inspired pumpkin man!

Also, a reminder for anyone wanting to participate in Terrorific Tuesday! Get those blogs posts up before next Monday at 6pm! And then e-mail me. Read all the rules here if you are interested in participating.

Have a great day Swellions!