Tropical Twist Bracelet and Magazine Talk

tropical twist bracelet

A few months back, I got a bracelet design into Simply Beads. Well, unfortunately, before it was published, the magazine ceased publication. The good news is that is is still available online for purchase at E-patterns Central. So if you are into jewelry making, I suggest you check it out. There’s a lot of cute cross-stitch, knitting, crochet, paper crafting, and other patterns on the site as well, so there’s a little something for everyone!

I’ve actually stopped seeking out print publications to get my work in these days. I simply have been too busy with my new job, blogging, and my other crafty interests. Another of the main reasons is that a lot of the magazines I really wanted to get into have ceased publication. It’s such a bummer. In my opinion, magazines that will stand the test of time have to be more technique driven and packed with a LOT of value. For example, I tend to buy Halloween magazines, because I love to look at them year after year and become reinspired. To me, there is a lot of value to them in the inspiration. Also, it helps that the photos are ultra appealing and make me want to want to make the project. Unfortunately, a lot of mags don’t have the beautiful photos like we see in Better Homes and Gardens (they simply don’t have the budgets for such great photography). Yes, I’m still a sucker for that mag. I just bought an issue yesterday. I always fall in love with their ideas and I appreciate that they really stay on trend with projects and for the most part always have new and improved content.


Speaking of content, I am disappointed by the new Martha Halloween mag that is out on newstands right now. Half of the magazine is old projects that were featured in that same mag one or two years ago, and then there’s a giant 16 page supplement of Martha Stewart ready-made gifts you can buy to decorate your home with. I would rather see more tutorials than a giant advertisement. It didn’t have much value to me, so I don’t think I will be purchasing that one this year 🙁

Well, it’s late and I have a full day of graphic design and crafts ahead of me!

Until next time Swellions!


5 Swell and random tidbits

I am giving myself 15 minutes to write this blog post today. Must.stay.focused. Sometimes I do it in a rush…other days, it takes 2 hours to post. Ugh, but I’m going out tonight to dinner with Jeremy (not quite sure, but I’ve been wanting to go to the Melting Pot, which just opened up here in Lex). Anyway onto my swell and random tidbits (I always liked the word tidbits, don’t you?)…

1. I just got one of my bracelet designs into a beading magazine and some of my ideas accepted into a CraftStylish publication for the holidays. Some projects I did for the magazine Jewelry Creations should be coming out any day now as well.

2. Picking up photos of the Dame tonight or tomorrow and going to get some mattes and a frame for it. I’m framing an 11×14 version for and then selling prints at Street Scene here in Lex. I inquired about selling something different than my jewelry and they took me up on my offer. The Dame actually was just demolished (it was an iconic nightspot for music here in Lex), so I’m hoping it’s demise will spark some interest in my photos.

3. I’m taking off tomorrow and going to the Kentucky State Fair tomorrow in Louisville with my friend Molly. I’ve lived in KY for close to 30 years and have never been to the fair. I plan on taking my camera and snapping some cool pics!

4. Why does it always weem you have to pay out the wazoo all at the same time/day?? Today I had to fill up my tank, change my oil + get new wiper blades, and pay for a prescription. Grr. I hate that!

5. I’m making some really cute cupcake photo toppers like these for my friend’s b-day this weekend with funny sayings that she says/has said. I think she will get a kick out of it. I don’t have to make the cupcakes, so one less thing I have to do. Seems like my days have been jampacked as of late. I’m a busy girl, just don’t ask me to do anything more!!! I hate that olden’ phrase!

I have one minute to spare. I did it! A successful blog post in 15 minutes. It really can be done!

Until next time Swellions!


Magazine Gorgefest

First things first, if you haven’t gone to Elf Yourself, you must check it out as soon as you get the chance. It will make your day.

I went to Kroger tonight. One of my guilty pleasures in going to the grocery is wasting time at the magazine stand. I have to get my celeb/craft/home décor fix. These are some recent purchases:

my current reads
Tonight, I purchased Ready Made and seriously scoped out the new Organize magazine. Ready Made had some seriously cool holiday projects and Organize had a really cool article on packing a suitcase and a great article on Lisa Bearnson. Me digging a magazine like Organize is kinda an oxymoron, considering my tub o’ magazines and books are overflowing like this:


I just simply can’t deny magazines. Every time, I try to tell myself that I don’t need that 2004 Martha Stewart Living magazine, I find myself seeing a great craft idea for paper doilies I must try and it goes back into the box. I seriously mean to pull out ideas and pages from them and make an inspiration binder, so that I can relieve myself from the growing pile, but I never get around to it. That’s just another thing to add to my list.

I actually have subscribed (have to send the little postcard mailers in) to 2 other mags: Entertainment Weekly and Martha Stewart’s Blueprint. I ordered them from my nephew and a co-worker for a fundraiser. I really couldn’t find a single thing in that fundraiser catalog that was worth having (admit it, you know what I’m talking about). I didn’t need to gorge on the peanut butter turtles or summer sausage and I could buy that calendar that they sell for $8, but I had just seen pretty much the same one at the Dollar tree for $1 (just ridiculous). So, instead, I decided to gorge on more magazines.

Oh, the gluttony.