Fun with my Instagram App

Tonight I went over to my friend Patty’s house for dinner and crafts with 5 crafty friends. Here’s some of the fun photos I took and wanted to share! The photo above is of Patty’s pretty yarn! She was working on a scarf

This is a photo of a rainbow of colors on the cardstock packaging.

Cherry stars
Celena used her Cricut machine and made a layered cherry. She attached it to an envelope that Kim had made with her wooden envelope folder (using Dollar Tree metallic star paper).

Funny faces
Silvia and I made funny faces.

Stacy posed for the camera. How adorable is her lifted paw?

Donna and Orange Kitty
Here’s a happy Donna and Orange Kitty.

Orange Kitty was not happy
And here’s a very angry Orange Kitty wearing a Sew Doggy Style party hat! Orange Kitty doesn’t want to party just like it’s his birthday!

Until next time Swellions!


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