Get more for your social media mileage!

So, last night, I figured out how to link my flickr account to my twitter account. It’s relatively pretty easy to do. When I posted my Flickr picture to the Twitter account, I immediately got a large handful of views to my photos as well as a lot of new Facebook comments (my Twitter is then liked to update my Facebook status). I know this may sound kinda overwhelming and confusing, but if you are on the internet a lot and are trying to build traffic and hits to your various sites, it’s a great to link all your social media apps to each other. You just cover a lot more bases doing this and it saves you a lot of time and work! I thought I would share how-to’s I compiled on how to do this as well as some other helpful social media streamlining articles if you are interested. There are still a lot of kinks I need to work out to streamline my web usage, but these are some great social media tools that have helped me out!

How to link your Flickr and Twitter Accounts

How to link your Twitter and Facebook Accounts

How to post to Blogger from your Iphone

And for my Etsy and crafty friends, thought you might like to check out these resourceful articles…

Twitter- Branding Your Etsy Business 140 Characters at a Time This article features some cool Twitter tools you may want to try.

How to use Flickr to get exposure in your Etsy shop

Social media articles on marketing section

Oh and I wanted to share a shoutout I got on Curbly’s newsletter. It was so sweet. Check it out below!

curbly shoutout

Well, gotta get to bed. Hope you found these articles informative!

Until next time Swellions!