Waking up in the Land of Glitter now in stores!!!


I’m so excited for my friend Kathy Cano-Murillo a.k.a. Crafty Chica! Her new book, “Waking up in the Land of Glitter” officially hits bookstores nationwide and online today! Order “Waking up in the Land of Glitter” at Amazon today!

I still am amazed by everything this woman does. She is a true inspiration not only to crafters, but everyone out there who want to turn a dream into a reality! She really is a one-woman wonder, and I know all her hard work on this novel is really going to pay off. She’s the queen of glitter and it really is her time to shine!!!

I’ve personally had the opportunity to read a galley copy of this novel (a galley is the proof version of the book before the final edits). It is such a fun read. The book is set in Phoenix, Arizona (Kathy’s actual hometown) and she really writes how she crafts, she infuses Phoenix and the three main characters, Starr, Ofie, and Chloe with so much character! I love Kathy’s writing style and her colorful descriptions. She also infuses her writing with fun pop culture references which for me, a pop culture buff, a delight to read. And of course, since it is named, “Waking up in the Land of Glitter”, you better believe crafting is involved. It is really cool that she’s bringing crafting to the forefront in her novel. I think that crafting is so much a daily part of all of our lives and that it isn’t addressed enough in media, television, and in books. It’s so nice to read a book that I can actually relate too!!

Here’s a couple of fun promotions for Kathy’s book that you should check out. I’m actually in the first one below 🙂 Kathy’s daughter Maya actually put these together for her mom. She’s a 16 year old creative wonder! Hmmm, there must be something in the blood!

And here’s a really cute clip that gives more detail to the three main characters. Ofie really is the one that makes you laugh out loud in the book…she is such a crafty nut!

All this month, as part of her book launch and National Craft Month, Kathy will be doing video segments for her blog titled, “30 days of Glitter”. She talks about it here on her Crafty Chica blog.

So have I convinced you yet that you need this book? Go out and get it today!

Until next time Swellions!