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I'm on Craftypod!

I was recently interviewed for Sister Diane’s Craftypod Podcast. It’s the top craft podcast in the industry and she is so knowledgable on so many crafty topics. My podcast was all about how I both work in craft and play in craft. I talk a lot about how I balance myself creatively, what it’s like to work at a craft company, and what opportunities are available for crafters who would like to get started in it. I feel I have a little background in it, having worked for two international craft companies in my career.

I hope you find it super insightful! Also check out my “How Do you Stand out from the Crowd” post a while back about my resume packet that helped get me noticed. Really getting noticed in the crafting industry isn’t different than getting noticed a lot of other workplaces. A lot of it goes back to how you market yourself and make yourself stand out as a brand!

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Great video from Sister Diane on Google Reader for Crafty Bloggers

Sister Diane is one smart cookie! She always is sharing information for us crafters on our blog and on her podcast as well as great projects and other “crafty goodness” (her catchphrase, not mine). This is a great video all about Google Reader. I’ve talked in the past about Google reader, but this video that she made is really thorough and very helpful. If you love to read lots of blogs on various topics, Google Reader is the way you go. She shares how to use it in full detail in the video below!

Google Reader Tricks for Craft Bloggers from Diane Gilleland on Vimeo.

While you are there, check out her other videos as well. I found the “Evaluating an Opportunity (when you aren’t getting paid)” video very helpful. Also, on her “A Snapshot from the Craft Social” video, I noticed a tweet that I did for iLoveToCreate’s Twitter pop up. Fun! I gotta learn how to do do these little instructional videos like she is doing. I’m sure it’s pretty easy to setup and take video of your screen, I’ve just never done it!

Hope all is well in your world!

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This and that


Just wanted to share a couple things tonight. First off, I made this copper and red metallic G for my friend Gloria. I love these paper mache letters. Actually, I really love the giant ones at Joann. I would love to do a whole word project of some kind with these things. I don’t know a person who doesn’t love personalized letters!

g detail

I actually used that plastic/metallic mesh ribbon (the kind you can get at the fabric store fo 20ยข a yard) to create the texture. I actually used Tulip 3-D Fashion Paint for the dots. I’m really happy with how they turned out on this project. What can I say, I like dots! And their easy!

In other news, did I tell you guys that I was on Sister Diane’s Craftypod Podcast? Check it out here. I’m the 3rd of 4th person that talks about why I “Make Things”. You can prob. tell it’s me, cause I’m the only one with a southern accent! Ha ha.

Also, you need to check out my friend Maya’s tie dye video. She has become a real pro with the tie dye! I’m super impressed with her end creation. It makes me want to get some and make a cool t-shirt like she did. Oh, and listen to her as her “Daisy” character. She gives me a little shout out. It made my day today.

Well, gotta get ready for bed! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

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