10 Creativity Tips to inspire you

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Color markers
I would consider myself a creative person, but I wholeheartedly will admit that sometimes it is hard to keep your energy up. Seems like theres work, family, and other stresses that can sometimes break our creative spirit. Here’s a few tips fog getting your mojo back and letting that creative juice flow!

1) Constantly observe! Sometimes we get in a rut and don’t really SEE. Force yourself to see new things. How, must you ask? Limit yourself to a small space (your yard, a room) and observe all the angles, shapes, shadows, colors maybe you hadn’t noticed before. When you do this you are exercising your creative muscles and you can notice other interesting things in daily life!

2) Break your routines. If you go the same way to work every day, eat the same thing, or use the same materials in your art, mix it up. You may discover a new love or a cool new spot in town! I find that a lot of the times I don’t want to get out of the house (sometimes I can be a homebody), but an evening out can produce great experiences and great photos for myself. Win/Win!

3) Be inspired by your own photography. Whip out your camera phone while in a store and snap signage, patterns or graphics you like. Think about how you could execute or do them differently in your own art. Take photos of textures, colors, shadows, anything that you find fascinating. It’s fun to look back and pull inspiration from!

4) Be a kid again. Playing is so important to creativity. If you are always stressed overwhelm, one of the best things you can do is get out of that environment. Go ride a bike, twirl in the yard, or visit the playground. Laugh and experience the joys of life. It will send you positive vibes that you can translate into your projects!

5) Get back to basics. Get some of the most basic art materials together and just go at it. Get paint under your fingernails, color outside of the lines and doodle to your hearts content. Don’t think about it, just do it with wild abandonment and enjoy the process. It’s not about the finished piece or perfection, it’s about living in the creativity of the moment!

6) Surround yourself with other creatives. Whether it be a musician or someone who likes to play around with different ingredients in the kitchen, open your mind to them and learn from them. Creative people feed off each other. I find that sharing ideas and struggles can help you find solutions and overcome fears. Creative people tend to be so supportive of each other and their goals. Stick together and do something fabulous!

7) Find time to journal. Document your personal experiences through word. Make lists, jot down funny things you hear, and record your life on paper. Let the words flow and don’t write to make your words perfect. Since we tend to be so digital typing and texting, it’s nice to put pen to paper and get in tune with our own creative spirit.

8) Become a master at your craft. Take courses at your local college, attend meetup groups, find online workshops or forums to participate in. The more you know about your creative skill, the more passionate you will become about it. So dive in and find what is out there at your fingertips to be had!

9) Practice makes perfect! Find a space of time each day or each week to do something creative or work on your art. It’s just like exercise, if you get into you, you will see results, but if you put it on the backburner, you will feel the drain. Stick with it!

10) Find your own voice. Don’t creatively compare yourself to others. This is one of the hardest for me! You need to find your own creative voice and it truly is hard when the internet is so saturated with great discoveries everywhere we turn. Take a moment to evaluate what makes you unique and different from everyone else out there. Whatever your creative goal may be, stick with what works for you and be honest with yourself. Your art will take on a whole new meaning and purpose when you stay true to your own voice!

Until next time Swellions!