Sometimes I get a little creepy; My spooky photo collection

8-legged Jesus Freak
My other passion besides Halloween is photography. To most, I’m not creepy (some people would argue this), but from time to time I see creepy things and try to capture the mood. I thought I’d share a spooky collection of images I’ve taken over the past few years that I think are pretty darn haunting and psychologically freaky. The one above I titled, “”8-legged Jesus Freak””.

Fog over Alcatraz
“Fog over Alcatraz”

facing my  imminent doom
“Facing my imminent doom”

“The Carnival has come to Town” (photographed by my friend Gloria)

tears of a clown 2
“Tears of a Clown”


double exposure
“Double Exposure”


proceed with caution
“Proceed with Caution”

So what do you think? Any one jump out at you more than others as creepy?

Until next time Swellions!