Can’t forget my day job.

I don’t know that I go too much into my daily activities while working at iLoveToCreate much but I wanted to show you a little snippit of the type of projects I do on a daily basis that I spotted while at Hancock Fabrics recently….signage for our Tulip® Paint Section.

Sign at Hancock's

I am always working on something new, whether it be concepting and collaborating on ads, tradeshow design, or social media. Since I’ve been there only a little over a year, just now am I starting to see actual packaging that I have created materialize. I still can’t share or show you cause it’s still another few months before it will even be in stores! Contrary to what you might think, the process of a product getting into your hands at the store takes a lot longer than you would think. We have lots of people on our design, decorating, and marketing teams that make the packaging, signage, and communication that you see in stores. And on top of that, there’s another level of sales, manufacturing & production, and distribution to go through, not just at our company, but on a store level. So, I’m just one part of a very big puzzle.

So yeah, it’s kinda crazy. But I like it that way and there’s always a new challenge with a cool solution in the end.

And on a totally random and unrelated note, here’s a cute Pixiecat photo!!


Until next time Swellions!