Telephone Book Graffiti Lamp

telephone book graffiti lamp

I’ve been wanting to make this graffiti lamp for a while using telephone book pages. I don’t know about you, but I always get these books laying on my doorstep and honestly, I never use phonebooks anymore. I really don’t think a lot of people do!

I created a new lampshade for my studio in this very easy DIY lamp project. It’s really easy and took me a couple hours to complete (I heart crafts you can do in an evening!!!)

And look, I’m somehow on trend. Have you see Lady Gaga’s Telephone video?? She’s so inventive and bizarre!!!

Anyway, here are the instructions for the lamp!

Telephone Book Graffiti Lamp

Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint in orange and black
Tulip® Fashion Graffiti™ paint taggers
Aleene’s Tacky Glue
– yellow acrylic paint
– lampshade
– phonebook
– ruler
– X-acto knife
– cutting mat
– foam brushes
– stencils/stickers (I used Tim Holtz masks and large and small vinyl stickers)
– paper towels
– acrylic spray sealer


1. Rip out phone book pages. I didn’t want my pages to align perfectly, so I cut them at a diagonal using X-acto and ruler on mat. I did this so that I could create a straight edge to align with the top of my lampshade border.
cut white pages

2. Rip apart page as desired.
rip white pages apart

3. Slightly water down acrylic paint so that it is slightly transparent.
paint with acrylic paint

4. Spray with fabric spray for a cool spattered effect. Set aside and let dry.
spray with fashion spray

5. Once phone book pages are dry, water down (slightly) the Tacky glue and spread all over back of each piece covering entire back. Place on lamp, aligning, and then collaging in all the rest of the areas until totally covered. Spread evenly and smooth as you apply to prevent air bubbles.
glue on lamp

6. Spritz entire lamp share with black fabric spray. I liked doing small squirts so that it would create a dripped effect.
spray with black spray

7. Lay down stickers/stencils and cover over top with various paints and sprays. I actually just used my finger to spread the paints around. I just played different colors/textures until I was happy with the end result.
go over letters with taggers

8.Clean up any messy areas or edges with paper towels. Let dry.

8. Seal with an acrylic sealer.

Here’s a detail with it illuminated…

detail light on

And here’s a detail of it with the light off…

And here it is on my new desk.

lamp on desk

Hope you enjoy this little project!!!

Until next time Swellions!


Make your own Graffiti Rose pin/hairclip

Graffiti Rose

I have a little bit of a girl blog crush. Totally love what Alisa Burke has been doing lately on her blog! She is one talented lady!

I’ve been doing a little graffiti crafting of my own and tonight it is this pretty graffiti rose! It didn’t turn out exactly like I wanted, but I still think it is pretty fab. And it is sooooo easy. Here’s how you make it!

Graffiti Rose pin/hair clip

Tulip® Fabric Spray in red, pink, orange, and black
Tulip® Fashion Graffiti paint tagger in black
Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue
– Letter stickers (small)
– fake white silk rose
– black leaves from black roses
– black tulle
– black felt
– pinback/barrette
– scissors

1. Cut stem from fake white rose.
2. Place letter stickers randomly all over white rose.
3. Spray Tulip® Fabric Sprays randomly over entire rose. Don’t saturate entire rose. Leave some areas white. Let dry.
4. Remove letters from rose. Mine honestly didn’t stick as well as I would have hoped, so the color saturated into most of my stickers. Boo! But it still looks pretty.
5. Edge petals with black paint tagger. Let dry. It’s imperfect, just have fun playing!
6. Cut two strips of tulle (approx. 9″ long x 2″ wide). Fold them in half and tie into a knot. Using Tacky Glue, glue to back of rose. Cut and glue black leaves onto back as well.
7. Cut out a 2.5″ diameter circle from felt. Glue over top of knotted tulle and press into place. Let dry.
8. Glue pin back/barrette onto felt and let dry.

Here’s a detail of where the letters did show up!

graffiti rose detail

I hope you enjoyed this little project!

Until next time Swellions!


Fashion Graffiti on the Fly

This weekend, my friend Silvia (a.k.a. StudioMama) and I did a quick and easy video showing you how easy it is to use the new Tulip Fashion Graffiti products! We had a blast doing it! We just played with the product and had fun…I think part of the cool thing about this product is that it really allows you to just play and not think so much. I tend to overanalyze and think too much sometimes about what I am designing. This lets you loosen up and be free with your art and break out of that mold.

I was inspired by some various pillows I had found online (some retailing up to $70 a pop)!!

Here’s a pic of the finished product! It’s sloppy and messy…what makes graffiti so great!

Graffiti Pillow by Silvia

Here’s a whole slew of projects that we also have using the Graffiti product. We’ve compiled them in this Flickr set. Click on each project and at the bottom is the tutorial link to the project instructions on iLoveToCreate.

Look for Tulip® Fashion Graffiti™ endcap at your local Michaels! It’s also available via!

Until next time Swellions!


J’adore Junk Earrings

j'adore junk earrings

Here’s a project I did a while back for Crafty Chica’s blog! I wanted to share it on my own as well…

Valentine’s is right around the corner and I wanted to get a head start on my crafting, so I made some funky and chunky earrings for the occasion!! If you have visited my blog in the past couple of weeks, you may have seen my Make a Modern Statement Ring. Well, I took that same technique and made these bold earrings! The cool thing about them is that they really can be made with jewelry junk and left over trinkets and supplies!! And I’m kinda addicted. I love making these little collages and spray painting them!!! What can I say? I have fallen in love with spray paint all over again! Anyway, here are the instructions, I hope you LOVE making these fun earrings as much as I did.

J’adore Junk Earrings

– Capiz shells w/ drilled holes (I purchased mine at Michaels)
– Plastic pearly hearts (also purchased at Michaels)
– random jewelry findings, jump rings, spacers, rhinestones, etc.
Liquid Fusion glue
– toothpick
– red glossy spray paint
– clear spray sealer
– 2 ear wires
– round nose pliers
– paper plate
– newspaper or cardboard surface
– tweezers
– camera phone or digital camera

1. On a flat surface lay out your wooden disk and various findings. Play around with shapes and combinations until desired collage look is achieved. At this point, I took a picture so that I could go back to this arrangement later.


2. Lay out your various findings and disk onto cardboard, laying flat.

lay out for spraying

3. Prepare area outside or in well ventilated area for spray painting. Following spray paint directions, apply several coats, letting dry in between each application. Make sure to also flip and paint other side as well. Don’t overspray…this may cause puddling on your surfaces.


4. Review your composition on your camera and start reconstructing your arrangement. I applied a little dab of glue to the backs of each finding and placed it onto my wood blank. Depending on how picky you are, you may want to use a toothpick to apply Liquid Fusion or arrange your findings using tweezers. Let dry thoroughly.


5. At this point, I actually sprayed another coat or two of spray all over the piece. I then coated it with a shiny spray sealer.

6. Open and close jump rings with pliers and add to capiz shells. Open and hook ear wires to each jump ring and close.

7. Yay! You now have a really cool pair of earrings not just for Valentine’s, but something to wear year round! Every pair is totally different and unique!

j'adore junk earrings 2

Until next time Swellions!


My Punny Valentine’s

my funny valentines

Admittedly, I’ve been making Valentine’s like this for years. If you didn’t know this already about me, I love celebrity gossip and puns, so mixing the two together is one of my favorite things. I think these Valentine’s are a lot more personal of a gift than a lot out there. You can find images that relate to people (I mean, who out there doesn’t have a celebrity crush or fave tv show?) It’s also a really quick craft – something you can embellish as little or as much as you want.

Here’s the basic rundown of how you make them…

1. Make a simple heart pattern (mine was about 6″ inches wide) and trace your hearts onto posterboard, scrapbook paper, or construction paper.
2. Find images in magazines that fit the basic shape of your heart and cut out.
3. Paint on your paper designs, stripes, dots, etc. I actually painted my hearts entirely with acrylic paint on posterboard, cause it has a nice weight that you don’t get with cardstock, but it’s totally up to you.
4. Use Aleene’s Tacky Glue to mount images on your hearts.
5. Embellish around images using Tulip 3-D Fashion paint, rhinestones, buttons, etc.
6. Write a funny/punny phrase on your card using markers, rubons, and stickers, whatever tickles your fancy.

At a local ad club meeting a few years ago, Michael Osbourne, a renowned creative director, speak on branding and marketing for his design firm. His company sends out Valentine cards instead of Christmas cards each year. I think this an incredibly ingenious way to market yourself or company! Think about it…how many Christmas cards do we toss or not give a second glance to? A LOT! A Valentine card is a nice welcome, and it doesn’t have to be uber mushy or meant just for a loved one. It’s a nice little statement that can truly make someone’s day (especially those single folks who would like to nix it all together). Oh,check out the stamps at the bottom of the Micheal Osbourne bio…he designed them for the postal service…how cool is that? Now that’s one awesome gig! Everyone gets to see your work!!!

Hope you enjoy making these cute Valentine’s!

Until next time Swellions!


Valentine Ribbon & Felt Brooches

Screen shot 2015-02-11 at 9.56.00 PM

Valentine Brooches

So tonight I wanted to do a quick and easy craft for Valentine’s! Valentine’s is my 3rd favorite holiday after Halloween & Christmas. While I usually don’t have a Valentine on the big day, I still love the holiday. I think people get too caught up in the drama of it sometimes that they forget to think about love as being universal, not just between a person and their significant other. I like to think of Valentine’s more as the way I did in 1st grade, when you made a crafty Valentine box from a shoebox (decorating w/ doilies & glitter, of course) and stuffing it with little notes and from friends. So, with this in mind, I suggest you whip up a few of these, not just for you, but also as a way to say “I love you” to your pals! They’re fast and fun and you can do something a little different with each one!

Valentine Ribbon & Felt Brooches

– thick felt sheets
– wood disks
– markers
– various ribbons
– various rhinestones
– pearl accents (I purchased mine…the heart and dots from Michaels)
Fast Grab Tacky Glue
Scribbles paint
Glossy Collage Pauge
– Scissors
– pin backs

If you notice, my pins are very “rough” around the edges. I wanted them to be organic…that’s how I craft. Basically, I just sat down with the felt and the ribbons and played. I folded the ribbons, cut them into pieces and layed them down onto circles I cut out of felt. I arranged the ribbons and accents until I was happy with their arrangement.

For the wood disks, I used my markers and colored them in as desired. I covered it in Glossy Collage Pauge to seal when I was finished. For the one with the leopard, you also notice that I collaged on some magazine pages. I love magazines for small little projects like this, cause you can cut out colors and patterns from ads and whatnot. I found the leopard print on a jacket on an ad actually.

I glued all the elements together using Fast Grab Tacky Glue. It’s great cause it bonds really quickly. You just need to hold it together several seconds to get it to bond into place.

I also added some Scribbles dimensional paint on the pink and black one as well, but there really are limitless materials and embellishments you can add! Glue or sew on beads, buttons, dimensional stickers or add your own embroidery touches! Have fun with them and go to town.

I finished them off by adding felt to the backs of all of them and adding the brooches with the Fast Grab. Let dry, then wear and enjoy!

Here’s a photo of some of the steps in my process of making these…

creating ribbon brooches

Here’s a closeup of each one of them!

Leopard Love Brooche

Faux Bois Ribbon

Hot Pink and Black Bow

This would make for a fun craft if you are holding a crafty Valentine’s party or a Valentine’s party for little girls! You could also adapt this idea to go on a headband or hairclip as well!

Hope you enjoyed this project!

Until next time Swellions!


Make a Modern Statement Ring

Make a modern statement ring

So last night I was doing a little research online. I wanted to make a cool statement ring and I have seen a lot online, but none that totally caught my eye. When I sat down to create, I thought I would do a ring with a modern looking pinwheel or bow. I quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen with the materials at hand and I just began to play with some of my beads and findings on a little wooden disk. Then it happened…inspiration struck! I laid out my findings and started to create a little collage and my statement ring started to materialize in front of my eyes. It’s such a fun thing when you are in a groove and the moment and make a discovery. So, I wanted to share my discovery with you!

Make a Modern Statement Ring

– 1.5″ wooden disk
– Various findings, rhinestones, washers, beads, spacers, etc. (color doesn’t matter)
– Liquid Fusion glue
– toothpick
– white matte spray paint
– ring blank
– Matte spray sealer
– paper plate
– newspaper or cardboard surface
– tweezers
– camera phone or digital camera

1. On a flat surface lay out your wooden disk and various findings. Play around with shapes and combinations until desired collage look is achieved. At this point, I took a picture so that I could go back to this arrangement later.

make your ring arrangement

2. Lay out your various findings and disk onto cardboard. Prepare area outside or in well ventilated area for spray painting. Following spray paint directions, apply several coats, letting dry in between each application. Make sure to also flip and paint other side as well. Don’t overspray…this may cause puddling on your surfaces.

spray painting

3. Review your composition on your camera and start reconstructing your arrangement. I applied a little dab of glue to the backs of each finding and placed it onto my wood blank. Depending on how picky you are, you may want to use a toothpick to apply Liquid Fusion or arrange your findings using tweezers. Let dry thoroughly.

Applying glue

4. At this point, I actually sprayed another coat or two of spray all over the piece. I then coated it with a flat matte sealer.

5. Using glue, apply ring blank to back of wood circle and let dry.

6. Yay! You are finished! If you don’t want to make a ring (or if this is just a bit too big and too annoying), you can add a pendant bail or pin back instead!

Here’s a closer look at the finished project:


Hope you enjoyed this fun and easy project. And the cool thing? It used leftover materials I had around! I was actually surprised at how great it turned out. I think you will too!

Until next time Swellions!


Clear Pendant Necklaces

Tonight I made 3 necklaces! Yippee! Maybe I’m finally getting back into my crafty mojo! I also actually started knitting a scarf yesterday, which isn’t a normal activity for me. I drug out the Stitch n’ Bitch book and was able to do the basic knitting stitch, but I wasn’t very successful with the purl stitch. Will have to practice that one more!

Anyway, here are the necklaces I made. I think they turned out pretty swell!

A Circus Necklace

A necklace

70's assymetrical necklace

I’ll give you a brief rundown of how to make the pendants, but not all the details to make each necklace. That way you can add your pendants to whatever you might want to create (you can also add them to charms, earrings, or fobs!)

Clear Image Pendants

– Clear pendants (mine are by Tim Holtz and I purchased them at Michaels). Really good value, by the way!
–Laser jet images (I copied mine from this Dover publication book) or magazine images.
– pencil or pen
– scissors
Clear Gel Tacky Glue
Collage Pauge Instant Decopauge
– craft knife
– markers (optional)
– craft mat


1. Choose and cut out images to fit your pendants. For mine, I chose to use a Vegas magazine clipping + the ornamental alphabet letter.
2. Color or accent your images with markers and glue to other image if necessary.
3. Lay pendant down and trace around it. Cut it out with scissors.

4. Coat the back of the pendant with the Clear Gel Tacky Glue. Coat generously.
5. On a firm surface, lay pendant on top of cut out image. Press firmly to squeeze out any air bubbles that may form between the paper and the pendant. Make sure you squish around all the edges so that the glue goes to all the areas. Some of the glue may squeeze out the sides, but this is ok. Just clean up with paper towels. Let dry overnight on craft mat with the tile face up so you can see the image through the clear tile.

6. Once dry, use craft knife to cut our pull off any glue or remaining paper around edges. Coat the back of the image with a couple thin coats of Collage Pauge and let dry. Insert your jump ring to make a charm!

These were really fun to make! Until next time Swellions!


Fun Mosaic Photo ornaments

flickr photo ornaments

Here’s a little mosaic ornament project I made a couple years back. I made two Flickr mosaic ornaments in two different themes. The first theme is of the city I used to the live in, Lexington (admittedly, I had a lot of landmark shots and this was a convenient topic to pick interesting photos from). The second theme is my friend Molly. I wanted to fill it with various images of her and people and pets that she loved.

Just a word to the wise, I used the BIG HUGE LABS mosaic maker to create these images. This site works with the web site Flickr, to create unique photo creations. If you are unfamiliar with Flickr, I suggest you check it out right now! It’s a great way to get ideas and information and you can log in and get a free account. With a basic free account, you will be able to upload photos (FYI – there’s a megabyte size limit per month for free account users, so size down your photos before uploading). Now onto how I made my creation…

Fun Mosaic Photo ornaments

– 2.5″ x 3.5″ flat wooden ornament (available at Hobby Lobby)

– Computer with Internet, Photoshop, and color inkjet printer
– black paint or ink pad
– small flat brush
– Spray sealer
– Thin ribbon (I used ribbon with a stitch design)
– Glue gun and glue sticks
– Aleene’s Tacky Glue
– white cardstock


1. Log into BIG HUGE LABS and select the Mosaic Maker Icon
2. For my designs, I chose the square tiles layout with a 3 column width and a 4 column height. I chose for the background color to be white and for the border color to be black. I selected 1 pixel for the space between the images.
3. Either go to your flickr photos and type in each individual URL (there will be 12 in all) or select from a photoset, favorites, or tags to get a random selection of photos. Note: I chose individual URLS, so I could place photos in an exact arrangement. As you play more with the mosaic maker, you will see what I mean.
4. Once finished, click the Create button to see your mosaic design. Save the mosaic design to your computer.
6. Open the image in Photoshop. Now create a new page and make use your guidelines to create a 2.5″ x 3.5″ rectangle. Copy your mosaic image into this blank document and use the Free transform tool to fit it exactly into the guideline box you have made. Note: If you need to stretch it just a bit – it’s not a big deal – that’s what I had to to create mine.
7. Print your image on white cardstock on your color inkjet printer.
8. Cut around the image. Use tacky glue to adhere it to ornament surface.
9. Use an black ink pad to go around your image, leaving no natural wood areas. (You can skip this step if you want, but I didn’t want the ribbon to somehow not lie smooth to reveal the wood areas).
10. Once dry, go around image with glue gun and thin ribbon. Create a loop with the ribbon and glue gun it onto the back for hanging.

Hope you enjoyed this fun little ornament project!

Until next time Swellions!

Alexa P.S. Linked up at TaterTots and Jello

Make your own doodled buttons!

doodled buttons!

So, if you’ve been seeing my little headbands, you will notice that I had some cute little striped buttons on there. I wish I could find buttons that cute, but in actuality, I had to make my own.

I would offer you a really great tutorial, but there’s nothing to it! You simply doodle on buttons with permanent markers.

Now I don’t recommend you buying expensive buttons (and if you do, draw at your own risk). I’ve messed several buttons up doing this…but if you find yourself doodling anyway, it may be something fun and new to try to add a little extra spice to a scrapbook page, shirt, or embellishment for shoes, earrings, button bouquets, etc.

doodled buttons 2

Go crazy with it. I did a checkerboard design, stripes, polka dots, plaid, circles and more. Also experiment making hearts, peace signs, clovers, or other shapes. If you are getting a head start on your holiday crafting, make some Halloween buttons with bats or pumpkins on them or make some swirls and create lollipops or candy cane stripes for Christmas embellishments.

Of course, the smaller tip you will use will yield finer detail. As you prob. can see, they aren’t perfect, but that can add handmade charm and a nice personalized touch!

Make sure to let them dry fully and you will prob. want to keep them from water (just in case). Also, I just started making these, so I can’t guarantee that they will hold up over the test of time. The more wear and tear you do on the button, the more likely it will rub off over time. So keep this in mind!

Hope you enjoyed this fun and easy project!

Until next time Swellions!