How to make a Rainbow Glitter Pumpkin!



I am a big COLOR girl, I love everything bright, colorful, and fun. Just because the traditional Halloween pumpkin may be orange, doesn’t mean it has to be! I whipped out my glitter, paint, and paintbrushes and decided to transform my pumpkin into a Rainbow glitter pumpkin!


Rainbow Glitter Pumpkin

What you need:
–Pumpkin (mine was a medium-sized one)
Tulip 3D Paints or Scribble 3D paints in ROYGBIV colors (7 in all)
– rainbow glitter (I used Tulip® Fashion Glitter)
– paintbrush
– foam brushes
– water bin
– paper towels
– box top or surface for catching glitter
– paper plate or palette

What you do:
1. Squeeze out your paints onto palette. Use foam brush to form first stripe on pumpkin. Paint from top to bottom of pumpkin. I even painted the stem! If you feel uncomfortable about making your rainbow rays even, mark off 7 sections with a pencil.

2. Immediately sprinkle on corresponding glitter color. Shake off excess into your box top.

3. Brush off excess glitter with clean paintbrush. That way you can move onto your next paint basecoat and glitter color.

4. Let dry. Spray with acrylic sealer if desired!

Here’s another fun shot! If you paired two pumpkins together, you’d have Double Rainbow pumpkins!


Hope you liked this bright and cheery project. Check out some of my other fun Halloween crafts in my sidebar features!

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Until next time Swellions!


Quick and Easy Double Rainbow Shirt

finished double rainbow shirt

I did a video yesterday with William, Pattie, and Scott based on the Double Rainbow video that’s been all over the net. Anyway, I wanted to share the magic of creation with you guys on a tutorial here on the blog as well. Haha. Here’s the video for you to view in all its glory…

Admittedly, the shirt in the video didn’t turn out the way I had wanted (I had to nail it on one shirt in one take, Wah Wahhhhhhh). I like the top rainbow, but the bottom rainbow got a little too squished. Below, I redid the shirt on a slightly smaller shirt (a cute baby t-shirt I will prob. give William’s niece Sophie), but the technique remains the same. So many of my DIY projects are trial and error. It’s a fun project even if it is a little messy and outside the lines a little…the fun is really in the experience and the creativity! It doesn’t get more creative than Double Rainbows!!!

And now onto the step by step photo tutorial…

inserting wax paper

1. Insert a sheet of wax or freezer paper inside the shirt. For the freezer paper, you may want to iron it into place so it doesn’t shift around during your project.

fold in half first

2. Fold shirt in half to make a crease and mark. Press firmly to make the crease. This crease will come in handy in a bit.

scribbles lined up

3. Line up your colors of fabric paint in ROYGBIV order. I used Scribbles 3D Paint for this project and tapped them a few times on the table to remove any air bubbles. I’ve always loved Scribbles since I was a kid!

paint half a rainbow

4. Now start painting your rainbows. I created half rainbow arches until they met the crease and I painted clouds on the side in black. For best results, make sure you don’t leave a big bead of paint at the center point. Try to keep your hand steady with an even flow of paint for the entire painting process as you use the different the paints.

press lightly

Now fold your shirt in half at the crease. Very lightly press in place. Don’t press on top of crease too much (this is what happened to my shirt in the video, it splooged in the center rainbow in the video). Pat gently all areas.

open up

Now here comes the fun/scary part…open up your design to reveal your pressed rainbow.

fixing mistakes

7. Do any necessary touch ups or corrections you want to do. Now wear and rock those rainbows out!

And because I just can’t resist, the Double Rainbow Song that has been stuck in my head for days!

Until next time Swellions!


Rainbow Spring Bracelet

rainbow spring bracelet

I was having fun with beads tonight. I haven’t beaded very much as of late, and I just wanted to play with color, shape, and textures. Of course, since it is me, it is bright and colorful and rainbow-like. I couldn’t resist!

It was super easy to make. Just 3 easy steps…

1. Pick out your beads in various large and small sizes. My beads I’ve gathered over the years are arranged in individual baggies in hues of reds, greens, blues, etc. It helps me easily find the coloration I am looking for rather than having to dig through several mini bags of beads.

2. Take a coiled spring wire bracelet and curl the end with pliers. Bead your wire in desired colors, graduating the colors as you go. I clustered a lot of the big beads together and the small beads together. I wanted it to be more random, funky, and fun.

3. Bead spring coil until you reach the end, then curl the end to finish. Wear and rock it out!

It’s fun photographing it, cause it is so colorful. Here’s some more images…

I think it’s a fun and easy bracelet for summer. I’m all about the easy 1 hour project!

artsy spring bracelet

wearing bracelet

spring bracelet 2

And while I’m on the “rainbow” topic, if you haven’t seen this, you must watch. It will make you laugh.

Until next time Swellions!