My Duncan Ceramics Halloween costume

Well, here’s the big reveal of this year’s costume! I am a Duncan® Ceramics lollipop/sunburst/cool ceramic wheels in front of the iLoveToCreate headquarters! Here’s a great blog post from Mid Centuria featuring more photos of the cool Duncan® Ceramics facade by Stan Bitters.

I took a picture of it, enlarged and tiled it, and put it on a cardboard with some of my favorite Tacky Spray. I then used some Tulip® Body Art paint on my face to replicate the center. While I don’t think I look exactly like the wheel, I think it’s pretty darn close.

What did you dress up as this year for Halloween??

Until next time Swellions!


Why have I been M.I.A.?

So you probably noticed that I haven’t been blogging much. Well, there are a couple of reasons for that. First off, I’ve been without a computer for the holidays. My friend Zach is updating it and it’s taken a little longer than expected. That’s ok, though, cause I’ve been very busy and my computer would be a major distraction for me. Secondly, I am typing you from my iPhone and needless to say, it’s not the most condusive thing for typing blogs on (I also haven’t figured out just yet how to post photos to my blog…need to work on that one). And thirdly, my main concern right now is moving, cause I’m moving to CALIFORNIA! Fresno to be exact. I accepted a graphic design position with Duncan Enterprises. I’m honestly a bowl of emotions right now…excited, nervous, scared, hopeful, and a little sad. This is a big change in my life (I’ve never lived outside of Kentucky) and I’ve never made a leap this far. I know it will be different, but a good change and a great chance to learn more about myself! I’m mainly just sad because I’m leaving so many great friends and family to pursue my dreams. Man, I sound like Whitney Port of The Hills spinoff, The City. Anyway, I’m looking forward to the adventure ahead and will be back to my blog full time in a couple weeks! So keep tight, I hope to be offering up some fin projects and insight into my new life I in the weeks to come! So don’t fret my pet Swellions! Ha ha!

Until next time!