E-mail She-mail

Do you ever have a hard time keeping up with all your e-mail addresses? Maybe you are one of those few people that just has one e-mail address (lucky you!). I am thinking, um, let’s see….currently I have 6, not to mention other accounts with their own messaging services like Facebook and Flickr.

My first e-mail address was created in August of 1997. I was a freshmen at Murray State and I remember signing on to hotmail on my roommate Echo’s makeshift computer and getting “free e-mail”. After that, I was also given a Murray State e-mail and password. I thought I was hot stuff and I forwarded cute stories, chain mails, and cheesy keyboard typed flowers like crazy. I also sent a lot of e-cards back then. I think they were so cool to me because they were using Flash graphics and they moved and played music. Using e-mail and maintaining it was much simpler then.

I kept those two accounts pretty much throughout college, though I did get an AOL account and chat it up on Instant Messenger (wow, I remember when that was the thing too…so much time I wasted on there!). Since those days, I’ve gone through several accounts through local service providers and given up on some e-mail accounts all together. Last time I checked my Hotmail, I found out that they had revamped it and ALL of my saved e-mails were totally gone along with addresses of people I would have liked to stay in touch with. Usually the reason I end up ditching an e-mail site is that I start getting spam at that site. I now have established an e-mail just for that and use it when I sign up for freebies, accounts, and offers. Geez, it’s all a little too much for my brain to wrap around.

The e-mail I mainly use now is my work (of course mainly for work), my yahoo, and my latest e-mail service…G-mail. I really like the features of G-mail (it took me forever to figure out that G-mail meant Google Mail). G-mail has really cool things that you can set like Google Alerts that tells you when you’ve been mentioned on the web and whatnot. It also has it’s own Instant Messenger chat service. I do use that from time to time, but now more in a text messaging kind of way, not for chatting for hours on end.

I do wish I just had the one e-mail account. It would make things much more simple, but just like that, technology will change and I’ll move onto the bigger and better thing of the moment. That’s just the way it works.

Until next time Swellions!