All I want for Christmas

Hmm, it’s almost Christmas time again, and I’m ALWAYS at wits end as to what to tell people I want when they ask…so, I thought I would sit down and think about it and really figure it out. Here’s my list (Mom & Sophia, this post is for you in particular)…

All I want for Christmas: Holga Camera
I would like to get back into non-digital photography. There’s something about film that is just so raw, real, and true. I want a Holga. It creates amazing images with faded edges. Very cool stuff. I found a cool kit on Amazon for it!

I’d love a few issues or a subscription to Uppercase magazine. It’s looks a little pricey, but it looks sooo cool.

I’ve really been loving the necklace scarves I’ve been seeing lately. I am getting more into layering and pairing scarves with my plain shirts and I’d like to add more unique pieces to my wardrobe. The scarves above are from etnyk’s etsy shop. Ha. Notice anything with that mannequin?

I have always wanted a classic initial necklace. I love the look of this one by John Wind found on .

And last on my list for today…you just can’t go wrong with a cute PJ set. I love me some soft flannel to get cozy in! These are from Old Navy.

Of course, I’m sure theres a lot more things out there I would like to have, but it’s usually when I’m on my own and not thinking about buying anything that I find it!

Until next time Swellions!