The Swell Shop is open for business!


Hey guys! I just opened a shop on Etsy filled with colorful, artful digital prints of some of my favorite craft supplies (I’m betting they’re some of yours too!). Right now I only have 7 images up in my shop for purchase, but I plan on putting more up as time allows. I will in the next few days also be offering some specials, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Setting up one of these shops isn’t a LOT of work, but it is time consuming and not something you can just do on a whim. I had to research professional phtoography sources, create a banner, research prices for photography, and now I have to actually think about colors for photo backgrounds, etc. I think so far that the shop looks pretty vibrant and colorful and I plan to keep it that way. I am a busy gal as most of you guys prob. already know. My mind is racing a mile a minute and since I love photography and it is relatively easy to organize to sell, I figured it would be a good item for me to sell on my etsy shop. I may in the future sell some other stuff, but for now I’m going to try to stay focused just on the photography and see where and if that takes me anywhere! I’m hoping. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I’ve been wanting to open up a shop for a while, but I’ve not just sat down and focused on it. I did reach out online, since I’m new to the area and found out that several ladies wanted to create a Central California Etsy group! So, now I’m on board with that as well. I hope to get involved and get to know some of those ladies! That should be super fun to interact with some other creative people in the area.

Please hop on over there and check out my shop and send your friends over there if you think they might like my stuff. Please feel free to send me any suggestions or ideas you have for future photos as well!

Oh, and on a closing unrelated note, Britney Spears is the new face of Candies. Check out the video below of her Candies shoot as well as scenes from her Circus tour, which starts tomorrow in New Orleans. I really wish I were lucky enough to go see it. I’m betting it would be a blast! Her costumes look pretty over the top as do the props. I signed up on the Candie’s site to win concert tickets in L.A., but yeah, I’m betting that’s going to happen.

Until next time Swellions!


Things I’m diggin’ on Etsy

Hello all. I’ve had a somewhat productive evening…in the process of planning a special Christmas project for my friend, with my mom’s embroidery help, finishing up some graphic design magnet projects, and trying to solve a beading dilemma! I stay very crafty!

I have been thinking about what gifts I really want to get for folks this year and I’m thinking that I would like to make handmade gifts as much as possible. I always have this intention, then end up spending so much more on non-handmade gifts that it isn’t even funny. Such is life, I guess. I’ve been perusing around Etsy and saw a few things I wanted to share. If you are interested in some totally unique gifts, I suggest going there to find them for that special someone. It’s so cool that there is an online marketplace like Etsy that puts you in touch with artists from all over the world. I always say this, but MAN! What did we do before the internet??

Anyway, here’s some of my favorite finds I spotted tonight on there…

Cool, colorful belt buckles from Fosterweld’s Shop. Also check out there awesome cuffs as well!

Loved these clever darts from Something’s Hiding Here

I think these rings from Nina Gibson Designs are a great concept realized!

ToyBreaker makes the most beautiful ties I’ve ever seen. Love the copper color on chocolate brown!

This little neon Polaroid ring from NB’s Closet makes me giddy.

Hope you liked these gift ideas! Until next time Swellions!


Etsy Window Shopping


I decided to browse Etsy for a while. I am in absolute love with the creativity that comes out of that site! It’s not only great to see creations, but it is inspiring as well…I get so many ideas to add to my list. Have I mentioned that I want to do resin jewelry at some point (not that it hasn’t been done already, but I just want to see the possibilities of it with my photos). I’ve dabbled around with Envirotex Lite some, as seen here, but, I digress.

Etsy is just so freakin’ cool and I pulled some of my favorite and most clever finds I found while browsing. I hope you like them too!

Speaking of resin, Stoopidgerl’s Shop is filled to the brim with all kinds of colorful and funky resin creations. I really dig this 80’s flashback necklace and the supercute candy sprinkle ones as well. Also, how freakin’ cool is this print?

Always a sucker for soaps, so bologna sandwich soap by Simply Soaps cracked me up. Love the shape and the kitsch factor and it even smells like pink grapefruit (which I love as well).

This ribbon wand made me drool as a child. Actually, I purchased one like this (at a store) last year for my neice. Had I known I could get it from the Ribbon Wand Shop, I would have been all over that!

Love daytime soaps or pop art? This pop art soap opera wristlet by Smitten Originals will be right up your alley. You can start some serious drama (mama) wherever you go!

The coffee lover in your life will love this coffee corset. How super cute would it be to wrap around your cup of joe? JennGee has definitely made the perfect coffee accessory.

I just adored this porcelain octopus necklace at Poopsie’s Shop. The other super fun jewelry designs in porcelain on this site(some with rhinestone bling) will be sure to make you smile.

I came upon these great recycled phone wire bracelets by Courtney Watson yesterday on Flickr. At only $3 a pop (what a steal!!), they would make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for all your girlfriends!

And finally, if you know me, I love anything that pertains to pop culture, so this fabulous Patsy Cline cd case struck a cord with me. From Artyfakt’s Shop, This would be perfect for that music lover in your life or just as a cute tote to bang around in.

What cute stuff have you found on Etsy?