Wednesday randomness

So a few things I have going on right now…

1) I am going to try to start posting mini posts to my blog from my iphone of interesting stuff I observe throughout the day. They will be short, mini blog posts, so when I do, please let me know what you think about them! I hope to incorporate them in with my daily blog posts, so that if I miss a day of blogging, I won’t feel too stressed out…I will be able to let myself off the hook I’ve created for myself. Also, I’m sure you noticed my new header and twitter updates on the side of the blog. I plan on revamping some other sidebar items in the next couple of weeks, so look for that! My blogs in my sidebar and fave sites are in major need of an update, just haven’t gotten around to it!

2) My good friend Carey is coming in to the LA area this upcoming weekend, so I think I’m going to try to meet up with her. I drove down that way last week for CHA, and it wasn’t an awful drive, but it was long. I look super forward to seeing her and exploring Southern California. We may go to Disneyland, but I’m not sure just yet!

3) I have yet to get the craft supplies out. Yikes. I really need to get them organized, but I just haven’t had the chance. I can’t wait til they are out and about and I feel back in my natural crafting mode.

4) New Kids on the Block is appearing 5 minutes away from my house next month. It’s my chance to go!!! I never went as a kid, but honestly I was joking. I’m not really feeling it like I used to. I’m not too excited to see middle-aged men trying to do hip hop moves.

5) Just downloaded an app called Lose it that lets you record your calorie count and exercise. If I you hadn’t already guessed, I am trying to lose some weight. I just hate looking up in the mirror and seeing a double chin. This thing has gotta go! As soon as I’ve been getting home, I’ve been going to the gym to walk/run. I’m so not into exercise, but if I get on a routine, I’m pretty good at doing it. Wish me luck!

6) Keep my family and friends back in Kentucky in your thoughs. My mom, dad, grandmother, and brother (and I’m sure some other folks I know back there) are still without power from the crazy Kentucky ice storm. From the sounds and looks of what I’ve seen online, it is really something else. Being without power for weeks on end is something most of us can’t even imagine, but they’re hanging in there and are dealing despite the tough times!

A quick digi project and this and that


So, I whipped up this project last night on the fly. It’s for a friends’ coffee table. Several other people I know are makine 6×6 canvases to go under his coffee table as well as an interesting art series all focused on bugs.

I am feeling a little icky today over dealing with confrontation. I really hate doing it and don’t have to in day in day out situations, but you know when something rears it’s ugly head, sometimes you just have to approach it even when you don’t want to. I’ve always had anxiety over such things and don’t always feel equipped to deal. I guess I need to just do it and learn and experience…seems like most times it is not usually as bad as I seem to make it out to be in my head. Just not fun.

I just went to Subway. Why is it that I always gravitate toward the same type of sandwich? Anyone else do this? My favorite is the Italian BMT on Italian herbs and Cheese. I guess when you find something you like it’s hard to change. Thankfully, though I’ve gotten over chicken finger ordering at nice restaurants. That used to be the thing I always got. Now, I figure it’s one of the worst things I could get on the menu health-wise, so I tend to avoid it.

I’m all by my lonesome today at work. Just the sound of me typing and the air conditioning going. I really hope this afternoon goes by quickly. I plan on going to the arboretum later tonight and out to eat. Trying to make an exercise plan. Last night, I rode around my neighborhood 4 times. It’s actually not that much, but I was still sweating by the time I got through. I came back in and I had only been gone for 15 minutes. Geez. Well, atleast it was something!

Until tomorrow Swellions. Have a great day!


Being me is an exercise in itself!


So tonight I had every good intention of coming home, getting changed, and hopping onto my bike for a long ride around my neighborhood… Well, when I got home, I just didn’t feel like lugging that thing down 3 flights of stairs and back up (I am very lazy, can’t you tell?) So, I decided to do the next best thing and pop in that Tae Bo tape I bought at the Goodwill a few weeks back. Well, the problem with that was that I couldn’t find it anywhere in my house! Surely I didn’t throw it away. I searched for about 15 minutes and then decided that I’d just do my 10 minute workouts DVD I purchased a couple of years back. I wasn’t giving in!!! Well, I open up the case and nothing is there! Not surprising, it is me after all. I root around in my DVD/CD box and still don’t find it. I even looked in my old Felicity and Laguna Beach DVD box sets to see if I stashed it in one of them. Oh, woe is me!

Sweatin' to the Oldies

See, this isn’t really anything new in my world. I am in a constant state of scattered messness. I decided tonight that my means of exercise wouldn’t be the typical form of “Getting Physical” or “Sweatin’ to the Oldies”. It would start with me breaking up a sweat while cleaning up my crap! I really worked hard for an hour or so and have made some significant headway to boot! I can’t say it is fully organized, but it does look a lot better now that I tackled it head on. I even cleaned off my kitchen bar area and it is totally clean! It’s one of those feelings when you think, “Wow, that’s what that looks like?”

Hmm, maybe I should exercise like this more often! Kills two birds with one stone!

Until we meet again Swellions!


A quickie

necklace set for sis

This is going to be an off the cuff post today. The photo above is a necklace set I made tonight for my sister. She’s turning 40 and I’m going to Nashville tomorrow to celebrate with my other sisters. We are going to the Taste of Nashville (I hope it is good, cause it is like $55 to go -yikes- but that is where Cynthia (the b-day girl) wanted to go. Then we are going for dancing at Centennial Park afterwards. It’s some Big Band dance…my sister takes ballroom dancing lessons and recently competed, so it is totally her thing.

I have to get up earlier than I would like tomorrow…so like in rougly 7 hours. Not nothin’ new for me, but I do love to sleep in on the weekends and desperately look forward to it. The good thing, though, is that I will see my nephews and niece tomorrow and I’ve been missing them like crazy!

So, I’ve been kinda down about my weight and personal image tonight. I really, really, have to make a change. I have stayed consistently in a weigh range that I’ve been comfortable with for the past 4 or so years and now I’m past that range. I have the biggest sweet tooth on the planet and hate preparing foods. I’m going to have to start doing something…I’ve recently drank some more coffee in the morning and been eating later at night than I did before. I’ve got to cut those things out, cause it is killing me. Also, while I have gotten a brand new bike, I’m going to have to have a consistent exercise approach using it and doing other things. Perhaps I might start eating in and then walking around my building at lunch. That could be a positive thing…just as long as it’s not too scorching.

Anyway, I did want to share a new site I’ve discovered and gotten quite a few blog hits from (as shown in the little box at the bottom right of my blog)…Blog Catalog. It’s a really neat site and has a cool bloggy network. There’s also a lot of great links to my favorite things…crafts, graphics, marketing and blog ideas, and photography.

Oh, and you must check out my very impatient friend, Margot’s spankin’ new video! It’s super swell!

Until Sunday, Swellions (don’t know that I’ll have computer access tomorrow). Have a great one!