A craft, a link, and a photo: Eyes Have It Edition

Since I will be gone for this week and next, I thought I would still compile some fun things to inspire you. I plan on sharing a craft and photo that I’ve created and taken…hopefully to inspire you as well as a link to a fun site you should check out. Enjoy!

A fun googly eye pendant necklace I made a few years back! eyesee you

I think this cat’s cross eyes might make you laugh.
hot cross eyes

If you want a laugh or a boost to the day, check out these funny googly eye images in the WNYC’s Amy Sedaris Craft Challenge pool.

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I took several goofy photos and then got a little more serious. This was a serious/sitting by the window moment. I thought the extreme white out areas made it a bit more interesting, but i like how my eyes look in this. Makeup isn’t something I do everyday, esp. in bright pinks and purples.

Here’s the goofy one. I’m wearing grills! Actually just a candy lollipop that Amy sent me last year for a Halloween costume. Been meaning to use them for ages…just never got around to it!! They weren’t exactly the most comfortable things or easiest things to put in (thus my face).

getting grilled

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Spooky Googly Eyed Crafts

I had so many ideas that I wanted to do today. Just in my ride home, I came up with ten terrorific possibilities, but in the mind of swell, you have to reel it in and stay focused. Knowing that I wanted to do a lot of ideas, I stuck to a theme and stayed within the lines of all things googly eyes. You may remember the googly eye choker that I did a few months back that was really well received. Well, I wanted to expand this idea and come up with some really fun and easy crafts that anyone can do…I’m going to share the basic idea of how to achieve these looks, but if you want more info, please e-mail me at swelldesigner@yahoo.com and I’ll give you more details…OK, on with the show!

Googly eye frame + googly eye photo
googly eye frame
To get this look, paint a $1 frame (I got mine at Michaels) with DecoArt Americana Acrylic paint. Then use a craft glue like Krazy Glue or E-6000 to glue various sizes of googly eyes onto the frame. Print out a picture to fit the frame and insert it into the opening of the frame (If you notice, I used the Terrorific Tuesday mascot, my black cat Pixie). Glue googly eyes to the picture and hang. I got the idea to put googly eyes onto the picture from one of Jennifer Perkin’s (the Naughty Secretary) photos. Click here to see that creation.

Striped headband with Googly Eyed flower
googly eye button flower headband
I wanted to create a fun accessory that would be something a little different for Halloween. I painted this headband form and sealed it, but you can also wrap it with ribbon and glue gun it if you’d rather have that look. On my version, I actually wrapped Rainbow Tape around it, but you can also wrap ribbon if you want. On a large button, I placed a medium sized googly eye in the center using Krazy Glue. I then glued several smaller googly eyes around it to complete the look. I glued it off to one side of the headband and voila, I have a super cute googly eyed flower headband!

Googly Eyed Pumpkin
googly eye pumpkin
I purchased really small faux pumpkins at Wal-mart for a dollar. I glued on googly eyes in two different sizes with Krazy Glue (yes, it was intentional-ha ha) Using a liner brush, I brushed on the features with Americana Acrylic paint in black (you could also use a permanent marker if you didn’t have paint) I added in additional hair and eyebrows and put on a bow for a completed look. This is really quick craft especially for little hands.

Googly Eyed Charm Necklace
eyesee you
I actually created this last year, but I thought someone would perhaps enjoy it for Halloween accessorizing. I painted a 1.5″ wooden disk with Americana Acrylics, then used E-6000 to adhere the mini googly eyes on it. I left a small hole at top for drilling. I then mixed up some Envirotex Lite to coat the charm following packaging directions (lay your charm on wax paper for this process – trust me on this one). Let dry for several days, then use small drill to drill into resin and disk. Thread jewelry cord through disk and it’s ready to wear! All eyes will be on you!

Googly Eyed Choker
googly eye choker
Another fun idea to try is this choker. I cut a piece of felt about 1.5″ inch wide and the length to be shorter than my neck diameter. I then added ribbon clinch clasps at both ends. Using jump rings and chain, I made a final closure at the end. I then used super duper fabric glue to adhere the googly eyes to the felt. I think this has a whimsical gothic feel to it. This could also be made into a wrist cuff or headband if you are so inspired.

And finally, probably the easiest of all the googly eyed crafts…

Googly Eyed Earrings
eye earrings You simply adhere large googly eyes to earring post blanks and let dry. You can also add the googly eye to a ring blank or brooch pin for a wearable conversation starter!

On a final note, if you go to Flickr and type in googly you can see all kinds of cool and creative pictures and inspiration. It is really worth a look. And if you notice at the top of the matching results, you can change it to be most relevant, most recent or most interesting. Most interesting is the way to go in this search!

Hope you had fun with the googly eye crafts. I know I did. Check back tomorrow! I’ll post the other projects created for Terrorific Tuesday then!

Until next time Swellions!


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