It’s a g thing…

g thing

So I created this in an hour or so tonight for my nephew Grant. I’m trying to think of something I could make my nephews and neice this Christmas that a) would be cool and personalized and b) would be something they could look back on and say, “My Aunt Pex made me that and I love it!” This is what I came up with. It’s a font/typography look with the fonts I have on my machine at the moment. I wanted the thicknesses and styles to vary and for it to look very clean. The clean style is something I can do, but isn’t normally something I do on a day to day basis. If you are wondering, I’m going to have to make this a standard size…hmm, now that I’m actually thinking about it, I made it 11×17 instead of the traditional 11×14 size that most frames come in. CRIKEY! Well, I can rework if neccessary. I am just wanting to know this: Did I succeed or does it need more work? I’m opening myself up here for critique, so if you have some, please throw it my way. I want to know if I’m going in the right direction, so thanks in advance! Oh, and I put that border around it, cause I’m afraid that if I do print it out, it would have to have a border around the edge of the page using laserject inkjet printers. I guess I could go another route and do it on a wide format printer, but I didn’t want this to be too costly of a task or gift, ya know?

So, tonight I went to a meetup of the Twitter folks here in Lex. At first, I really didn’t want to drag myself outta the house to go (I was working on the above project); however, I’m glad I went. It’s good to be social. Sometimes I let any worries or stress I’m feeling keep me huddled at home, but being social can really make me feel better. I saw all kinds of cool people and got to know and meet a few new too! We will see if they end up doing this as a regular thing!

And just a few minutes ago, I stopped at Thornton’s to get gas (my light is on E). For the life of me, I couldn’t get my gas tank open! I tried to pry it open, but I’m really afraid that I’m going to break it! There really wasn’t anyone around to help either, so I just went on my way. It has been snowy and icy out, so I don’t know if it won’t open due to the freezing or not, but I hope it is working by tomorrow morning! I HAVE to get gas then! I stop on my way to get gas at a place outside of Nicholasville that has tons of construction worker type guys milling around. Hopefully one of them can help me! I don’t know how well I can play the damsel in distress. Ha ha!

Hope all is world in your worlds Swellions! Until next time!

Photos and a compliment


Here’s a cool pic that Chris took of me the other night. We were a half-bit loopy after walking all over UK’s campus searching for photo ops. I can now see why I struggled so much in college to find interesting subject matter…on this campus and mine back in the day at Murray State, there wasn’t anything that sparked much interest.

Towards the end of the night, like always, we scored some more provoking/artsy shots. Sometimes when I try not to pose/seek them out is when I get into my photo groove. Sometimes it can take a couple of hours.

Chris posted this yesterday and there was a girl who was very interested in where I got my purse (from a friend, purchased at Old Navy several years back). I find it very funny, but I get this compliment a lot on this purse. I don’t know that this purse is totally “me”. I tend to not go for brown tones and it isn’t something I probably would pick out for myself, but I do like it and it holds A LOT of stuff…magazines, small shopping bags. This makes for annoying times when I actually am trying to find something like my phone.

Is there anything that wear that people give you rave reviews for?

Oh, and here’s a couple other photos I took last week from our flickr walk.

into the night

hoodie ornaments

Wednesday is Lensday: Pumpkin Patch Edition

jumping in the pumpkin patch

Yep, that’s me above getting some air in the pumpkin patch at Evan’s Orchard outside of Lexington towards Georgetown. Much love to my friend Chris Garris (the most fabulous photographer I know) who shot this using his wide angle lens. I’m in actuality only 3 or 4 feet off the ground. His low viewpoint + that lens makes it look more like 10 feet. Probably one of the coolest pictures of me to date!

I got some pics of my own including a jumpy shot of Chris too! Here’s him!

pumpkin jump

We had a very amusing time filled with lots of photo taking….there was a petting zoo, patch, kettle corn (I got pumpkin spice), bee exhibit, apple orchard and of course lots of piles of pumpkins & gourds!

yep, it's halloween
These are Chris’s shoes. Aren’t they super cool and very appropriate for this time of year?

camel call
This camel was shuttling children around. He kept mooing/yelling (what kind of sound do camels make anyway?) whenever a kid got on. I think he was a disgruntled camel. I think I would be too if I had to go around the same path time and time again.

pumpkins in black and white
Chris insisted that I make this shot black and white, because the sun created a lot of contrast that day!

He ended up buying one of these pumpkins/gourds. He thinks that they should be clearanced because inevitably, they are the ones that aren’t going to be sold. He liked it cause it was diseased (he thought it looked like something else that is rather communicable) and because it had more character than a regular pumpkin.

pumpkin portrait
To me, this picture says fall.

photographer of the corn
Man, he can be so corny. I can be even more, just by using that bad pun.

Gourds really do have a lot of character.

going for a ride
And so does Chris. He insisted on riding in the wagon while I got a workout. I think the parents at the place thought we were a wee bit crazy. Such is life.

Hope you enjoyed my pics. I plan on posting later the winner of this little guy!
Vintage-inspired Halloween Pumpkin box + tutorial
So check back tonight (and get your comment in here to win him if you haven’t done so already)!

Until next time Swellions!


At the Art Fair

Yesterday I went to the Woodland Art Fair here in Lexington. I always enjoy going to art fairs and do whenever I get the chance (actually next month, I’m going to the Chicago Renegade Craft fair and am getting psyched about that). I will have to say that in years past the Woodland Fair has kind of disappointed me…seems like the same stuff over and over and nothing fresh and new. The organizers must have sensed that, because this year there was all kinds of inspiring finds! A lot more photography, mixed media pieces and the like. I also noticed there wasn’t as much jewelry and I’m kinda glad. I’m all about the jewelry, but sometimes I notice at these art fairs that everything looks exactly alike! It’s disappointing. I want to see new techniques and new innovation, not the same stuff over and over.

Being a vendor at one of these must be tough these days. I can’t imagine that a lot of people have a whole lot o’ expendible income for large pieces. I value art, but I think even sometimes I’m a bit jaded by the pricing. I can’t really understand why it costs $4500 for a basic painting. I know that people play up their prices so that it seems more one of a kind and a high end commodity, but I guess I expect it to be earth shattering for it to be so high. I don’t know.

I honestly didn’t have any money to buy anything, but I did partake in the kettle korn. Yummy kettle korn…I have to get it every year! Anyway, here’s some of my favorite things from the stop. If I had the money to spend (actually several of these were very reasonable), I would have jumped on some of these pieces…

These metalwork flowers caught my eye. Love the orange and red shimmer and shine!
metalwork flowers

These photo canvases were beautiful. I really wish I knew how they got their photo transfered onto the canvas. They distressed around the edges and surface as well for a vintage effect.
photo canvases

This is the one I thought to be phenomenal, but way beyond my price range (in the thousands for the whole canvas set)!

I loved these spray painted prints (again, I’m pretty sure they were prints or stencils). They were really cool and retro. I saw a conversion van in the bunch. The textures were so cool.
wood prints

The light on the copper hair of these lawn dancers caught my eye.
tiny dancers

These little mixed media pieces were fun and I loved the combined textures and stenciled designs. Very pretty. I wish I knew how to do more of that.
mixed media

These pieces were steals! I really loved the neat effects on the frames and the linework mixed in with digital design. Fantastic! I’m not sure if it was paint or what. It was on an interesting fabric/muslin surface.
angels among us

Jeremy took a liking to this piece. They were quite fascinating and abstract.
art in question

Oh, and here’s people walking at the fair. It really was a beautiful day. There was a nice breeze going through. Just perfect.
at the art fair

Well, see ya tomorrow Swellions! I can’t believe tomorrow the week starts all over again!

Backtracking a bit

Well, I didn’t post my Wed. is Lensday post cause I had to get my Thursday link up by Wednesday night, so, I have a few photos to post for tonight!

Chris and I went out for another one of our infamous Flickr walks out and about around Lexington. At first, we were going to go to the Lexington Cemetary, but it was closed. Bummer. But we did end up going to an old garden nursery where he found a lot of cool pics to take and I found just a few. Here’s one (that I oded to my friend Retta, an amazing photographer who loves to take nature pics)…

nature ode to retta

Here’s the old nursery…it had a lot of character but there were a lot of no trespassing signs and whatnot, so I wasn’t too adventurous with my photos… I love the bold letters on the brick.

hillenmeyer nursery

After a dinner break at Chipotle, I ended up snapping these three photos in the same block. Sometimes inspiration just hits at the same time…oh, and my telephoto lens takes some pretty good quality photos (I love how it does a subtle and natural vignette around the frame).

up against the wall
Here’s Chris posing rather lonely/distressesque. He’s a good model.

cut it out I find that I always think of Dave Coulier when I think of scissors. Anyone else remember that show Out of Control that he was on? I always loved the opening and who can forget Diz? UhhhhhhhhhhhhuhUNH! That’s the closest way for me to type the screeching sound she made on that show. Check out the intro here!

rock&scrollThis was just some random scroll fence set up next to a tattoo parlor wall. I don’t know what it is…maybe I just connected with the blue/grey color cause I’ve been feeling a little that way of sorts personally. It seems like emotions come in waves, doesn’t it?

Hope you enjoyed the photos Swellions! Catch ya tomorrow!


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Wednesday is Lensday!

Took some photos with my friend Chris last night. I think it is good to not only do fun crafty art, but also see things from another perspective, from behind the lens. I’ve got a fun project in the work for some of my photos, that I plan on sharing on here soon. I really love the idea of crafting with photos. It’s so much fun to compose an image, then make something tangible out of it.

Anyway, here’s some photos from our excursion. I plan on sharing once a week photos of this and that that I take and the stories behind them and where I was at and where my mind was when I took them. A little insight that’s swell. Hopefully you will find it inspiring? I hope so.

There was a street with a lot of construction near downtown Lex that was pretty vacant. It was also situated next to an old building with a lot of distressed brick and character. When I saw the spot and the way it was illuminated, I got Chris to pose. He did a few poses, including laying in the road…well, I wasn’t much of a lookout (he told me to tell him when a car was coming). Right in time, I told him, and turns out it was a cop car!! Ha ha…I guess he saw we had cameras and were only doing it in the name of art. Anyway, I like how this image turned out. It was originally orangy and a bit grainy, so I turned it into a black and white. Black and white always has a way of setting the mood. I think it ends up having an uneasy, old horror flick kinda vibe. Perhaps not knowing where to go or where to turn next? I also tilted it in the frame a bit so I think that adds to the tenseness.

Heart Attack
heart attack
I was feeling a bit down, cause the series of photos I took before this weren’t exactly working out, so I guess when I took this I was kinda feeling it. I took this straight neon-like, but the insides of the business (it was a dry cleaner) were blah, so in a last ditch effort, I decided to twist my lens as I took the picture to create a zooming effect. I think I salvaged a blah photo and turned it into something interesting and I have to pat myself on the back for that one.

Proceed with Caution
proceed with caution
Since it was dark when we took photos, I had to work with what little light I had, so I scoped out interestingly lit areas. One such place was the loading dock of an old factory. I really dug the yellow and black emergency stripe (I heart yellow and black together). Anyway, Chris was all about working the pose. He’s really good at posing and coming up with unique ideas, so I just snapped away at this lifeless position. I did darken around around the whole picture to further capture him as the focal point. I really like the blue windows as well. It makes you wonder what exactly is going on in there.

Bella Rose
bella rose
A local clothing shop had mannequins with roses for heads (well, it actually makes sense, cause the store is called Bella Rose). They made for a nice presentation. I snapped a few, but was struck by this one the most. I really dig the blue/grey background tone next to the red and yellow. I don’t know if you would immediately recognize it as a mannequin, but the roses, jewels, and ruffles, definitely bring out a feminine vibe that make you have to stop and take a look.

Well, off to bed now.

Until we meet again tomorrow, Swellions.


All content/photos copyright, © Alexa L. Westerfield, 2008