Raines Family Photo Shoot


This past Saturday, I had the opportunity to photograph my friend and co-worker Victoria Raines and her family (Husband William, and sons Spencer and Malcom). I wanted to share with you the fun photos. They were super comfortable in front of the camera and they were willing to play around and have fun. Cool and casual and authentic…totally my style!

victoria and william

you can see the love


raines portrait

raines men


Until next time Swellions!


Fun at the Fresno Digital Workshops Meetup

Fresno Digital Photographers

This weekend, I attended an event I had been looking forward to for a while! The local Fresno Digital Workshops Meetup Group had a photo shoot meetup with real live models! I have wanted to do more portraiture lately and this was a great opportunity for me. I also got meet some other local photographers and I plan on attending more meetups + workshops in the future (there’s a great one on Creative Lighting I want to attend.)

Portraiture is my favorite type of photography! I don’t get too much of a kick out of nature or action, but I love making a connection with my subject and capturing their essence.

I was bummed cause I left some weird lens on my telephoto lens and it made all my closeups. Boo! I was upset with myself, but I guess it’s a lesson learned.

I am so inspired after my session that I bought a big reflector and stand. I can’t wait to take more portraits. I have one with my friend Tar’lese coming up. If you are in Fresno and would like to work with me on a portraiture shoot, send me an e-mail!

brick house

untitled 2



the boots were made for posin'


I’m so excited. I’m inspired to take my photography to the next level!

Until next time Swellions!


Gallery show tonight!!

Fresno Signage and sites mosaic

I have a gallery show tonight at Twee Boutique and Gallery for Fresno’s Art Hop. That’s why I’ve been a bit M.I.A. this week here on my blog. Above is a print I’m selling (I’m going to get it blown up into 18×24 prints as well). I also created some Fresno imagery cupcake markers to go on cupcakes! I’ll be sure to share some pics of the finished product!!

Well, gotta get up early tomorrow!

Until next time Swellions!