My favorite kind of paper product!

I’ve noticed some wrapping paper, journals, and general paper goods at Target and Michaels that I totally love! It’s basically bright, bold colors mixed with black and white graphic elements. If you know me, you prob. know I love colors that “pop” and linear elements, so when I saw these, they immediately screamed at me from the shelf!

Super cool wrapping paper!!


I really want to buy the striped wrap to do a photo shoot with as well as a great everyday wrap for birthdays. I think it has a lot of possibilities. It would also look really great framed. And as far as the journal goes, I just like the stark contrast of the colors. Kinda makes me want to try out a graphic design piece in this vain.

These papers are made by The Gift Wrap company. If you go in a gift boutique, drug store with gifts, or department store and like a bag or paper, turn it over and there’s a likelihood it is made by this company. They have the most beautifully designed paper goods. I heart them. Oh, and I did my research…do you know those 99ยข journals you get at Michaels in the dollar bin? The ones with the super cute designs? Well, I’m pretty sure they make those too under another name. I really dig everything they do!

Until next time Swellions!