Swirly Gold Gilded Pumpkin DIY

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I’ve always loved swirly things, especially at Halloween time!  Swirls remind me of Halloween whimsy and Tim Burton movies.  I’ve done a few Halloween projects in the past including this swirly doily purse and this Halloween swirl vase. This year, I was once again inspired by all things swirly and created this elegantly distressed pumpkin covered in swirls. Here’s how you make it…so easy and fun, just requires patience while waiting for the glue to dry!
What you need for this project:
– Pumpkin (real or faux)
– Black paint (I used Tulip Soft paint)
– Soft cloth
– foam brush
The first step in this process is to paint the swirls on with your Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue.  I did this in sections and set it aside with the swirls facing up for a couple hours to dry before I moved onto another section.  This glue is the best, cause it doesn’t run down the pumpkin like other glues might!

After I covered my entire pumpkin with glue swirls, this is what it looked like! Yes, the glue does dry clear

Now I painted over my pumpkin with black paint using a foam brush.  I had to put on a first coat, let it dry, then add a second coat.

Once my black paint was dry, I squeezed out some Rub ‘n Buff on my finger and also onto my pumpkin.  This stuff is cool, cause it’s a paste rather than a paint.

I wasn’t super strategic when it came to rubbing this stuff on, but my best advice is to rub it on with a soft cloth in circular motion for best results. Let me just say this, once you rub it on, it does not come off, so if you want to just do the swirl areas and leave the rest black, you need to be more accurate than I did.

And here’s the finished result and some detail shots!
Woohoo! Finally got to use my Anthropologie napkins for something!  I’m not organized to use them actually for napkins! LOL.
As you can see, only a little of the black is still showing, but I still love how it turned out!
I also rubbed the Rub ‘N Buff on another little pumpkin I picked up for a dollat at Dollar Tree.
It added a nice sheen to it, that made it look less plastic-y and more upscale.
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Until next time Swellions!