My boy loves his glowing toys

electric orb
A few weekends ago, my boyfriend William pulled this electrical orb out of his closet to show his niece. I wasn’t surprised that it was in his stash. I asked him if it had been a present of Christmas past and he said, “Yes, when I was around 12”. He’s a super curious, cool guy and I know that he also was like this when he was a kid. I was always fascinated by these as a kid as well. William was actually quite surprised it still worked. It’s still pretty fascinating to play with!

electric orb

electric orb
Among the other cool things in his toy stash are his glow-in-the-dark powders and paints. He has made sculptures, glow rocks for his aquarium and much more over the years. He is a BIG glow-in-the-dark/black light fan and we both share a fondness for it at Halloween.

glow in the dark stuff
In his box of goodies, I found some Glow Scribbles® and Tulip® Glow-in-the Dark 3D Paints. They are made by iLoveToCreate, the company I work for, so I got the hookup if he ever runs out!! Cool, eh?

One of these days, we might even have to have a cool party with his stuff and mine (I have some cool glow stuff, a fog machine, and more blacklight goodies). I’ve always wanted to put on a féte like Martha Stewart did a few years back in a magazine feature!

Until next time Swellions!