Magazine Gorgefest

First things first, if you haven’t gone to Elf Yourself, you must check it out as soon as you get the chance. It will make your day.

I went to Kroger tonight. One of my guilty pleasures in going to the grocery is wasting time at the magazine stand. I have to get my celeb/craft/home d├ęcor fix. These are some recent purchases:

my current reads
Tonight, I purchased Ready Made and seriously scoped out the new Organize magazine. Ready Made had some seriously cool holiday projects and Organize had a really cool article on packing a suitcase and a great article on Lisa Bearnson. Me digging a magazine like Organize is kinda an oxymoron, considering my tub o’ magazines and books are overflowing like this:


I just simply can’t deny magazines. Every time, I try to tell myself that I don’t need that 2004 Martha Stewart Living magazine, I find myself seeing a great craft idea for paper doilies I must try and it goes back into the box. I seriously mean to pull out ideas and pages from them and make an inspiration binder, so that I can relieve myself from the growing pile, but I never get around to it. That’s just another thing to add to my list.

I actually have subscribed (have to send the little postcard mailers in) to 2 other mags: Entertainment Weekly and Martha Stewart’s Blueprint. I ordered them from my nephew and a co-worker for a fundraiser. I really couldn’t find a single thing in that fundraiser catalog that was worth having (admit it, you know what I’m talking about). I didn’t need to gorge on the peanut butter turtles or summer sausage and I could buy that calendar that they sell for $8, but I had just seen pretty much the same one at the Dollar tree for $1 (just ridiculous). So, instead, I decided to gorge on more magazines.

Oh, the gluttony.