Cute new shoes and other great deals in swell history

new shoes

Check out my cute new zebra flats. OK, so they are a half size too small, but I’m thinking I will deal with it…I’ll stretch ’em out, right? So, I totally got them for only $10 bucks at Target, which I think is a fab deal! I love them so much! Love the combination of zebra and sparkle. I think I have a loud personality, but my wardrobe doesn’t always reflect it. It’s little touches that earrings, shoes, and belts that you see more of a reflection of me in. I’m pretty casual and conservative in my everyday wears.

I was thinking about it and I’m pretty crazy about deals like most of you are as well. I can’t say I’m always a big deal spotter…I HATE and pretty much refuse to wade through the big cardboard box bins at Express. It’s not worth it that much to me, but I have found a few awesome finds over the years. For example:

– A red denim mini skirt from Old Navy for 99¢
– A pair of black going out/butt kicking books for $5 (also at Target)
– A navy and white lined pair of Steve Madden kicks from Ross for $2
– A Levi’s dark denim jacket for $8 at JCPenney
– A Jantzen swimsuit for $9 at a Lee factory outlet

I’ve prob. gotten a lot more that I can’t think about, but when I get a good deal, I wear it like a badge of honor. Ha ha. I’m not always good about remembering coupons, but back in the day when I got an additional percentage off as a JCPenney associate, you better believe I worked it! I remember I once got 2 sets of nice red JCPenney brand towels for under $10. A set included the large towel, hand towel, and washcloth.

What kind of deal have you gotten over the years that you are super proud of?

Until next time Swellions!