I <3 faces Week 10

a derby do
Adult Entry
This is my friend Molly from last year at a Derby party. She was wearing her lime green derby hat! A perfect match for her green eyes!

looking out
Children Entry
This is a picture I took of my nephew at the park that I love. I considered editing out the bird doo, but I don’t know, it just makes the picture more realistic and less futuristic.

If you remember from my Terrorific Tuesday posts back in October, Amy Locurto played along providing us with lots of fun and inspiration. Well, she’s at it again!

She is the co-creator of I Heart Faces and it’s quickly becoming a buzz site to go to for photo enthusiasts! Lots of fun, lots of photos, and lots of ideas and inspiration! I love the weekly theme as well as the Fix-it Fridays posts. Be sure to head on over to I Heart Faces! to check out all of the beautiful face entries this week!

I thought I would play around this week with the week 10 “Green” theme and these are some photos I came up with!

Until next time Swellions!


Inspired by Rainbows

rainbow mosaic
1. Rainbow T’s, 2. After the rain has fallen…, 3. Eye Candy, 4. Colorful Rainbow Balloons 114/365, 5. Rainbow of Peace, 6. A Vibrant Glow, 7. bookshelf, 8. 222 – Fargay, 9. 100_6449

I love color. I love seeing it together in rainbow shades or just by itself, but especially when it’s bold and intense (this must be why I’m attracted to the neon chunky jewelry I saw at Target tonight). I wanted tonight’s post to be colorful and fun and thought I would share the spectrum of colors from my own personal photos as well. I love looking at photos and illustrations. Sometimes someone’s image or view of the world helps me leap off the page and go out on my own tangent. I love that feeling! Following the ROYGBIV color sequence, here’s my photos:


the irish rover at night

yellow lamp

looking out

tiny bubbles

moody marriot

sparkly deception

Until next time Swellions!


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