For the love of Half Price Books

Yesterday I went into our local Half Price Bookstore. I really can spend hours in that place. Unlike other bookstores, there is always some treasure to be found. I am always amazed by their varied selection and at how gosh darn cheap their books really are…some aren’t just half priced, they are 75% off or more of the original price. I totally recommend stopping by there instead of buying retail price elsewhere. I have seen so many books that I have seen in craft stores and big box bookstores for twice as much. Just an FYI for ya!

My particularly favorite sections are the art/photography, crafts, and home d├ęcor. I guess that would be only natural, right? While I was perusing their selection, I came upon several books that I loved, but it’s really truly hard for me to make a purchase right now for a coffee table book, for example. My coffee table is off to the side of my living room not being utilized at all. I really have too many books as it is (I actually took some last week to the 1/2 priced books to sell and made $18 bucks – hey,it beats gettin’ nothing out of ’em). So, my solution was to rather casually snap a few photos of the ones that intrigued me and maybe you might want to give them a peek as well if you are looking for some good/cool books.

This Pageant book was actually on clearance and discussed pagaents from kid’s to miss Queen world to Miss Americana.


The pic that stood out to me; however, was this one for a “Miss Figure” contest. The contestants had to wear paper bags, so they would be judged just for their figure. Wowee. At first I thought it was a KKK pageant, but I’m glad that’s not the case…


The next book I found of interest was the book Readymades: American Roadside Artifacts. It had all kinds of rusted signage, trucks, campers, and classic Americana stuff.


I was so fascinated by the colors of these houses…I kinda want one!


This book was also really cool. It was about mantlepiece art and featured everything from doe eyed girls and boys to mexican hotties (think felt portraits). The cover was also flocked, so that always catches my eye.


These paintings remind me of one my sister Angela had in her room in the 80’s. Her picture had a red head girl with a hat painted in this style. I always swore it was Molly Ringwald.

While we are there, Jeremy came upon this red book and more importantly, by the author Jack Hofer. Hmm, doesn’t this kinda make you wonder what kind of massage book this is exactly?

the book massage parlors swear by

Left with a couple books, mainly for friends, but I was quite satisfied with my purchases. I’m sure I’ll be making my way back there in a couple of weeks. Anyone want to go with?

Until tomorrow Swellions. Hope all is good in your world!