Rainbow Rhinestone Pumpkin DIY


Forget the orange and black pumpkin decor this year and really do it up BIG!  Cause nothin’ says BIG like unloading a freakin’ rainbow of color onto a mini pumpkin.  I’m kinda obsessed with this little DIY cause it combines both sparkle and color together for an absolute feast for the eyes.  And this is something you can make in just under and hour.  Let me show you how it is done!

What you need (links below include affiliate links)
— Mini pumpkin
Paint in a rainbow of colors
Mini rhinestones (with adhesive backing)
Paintbrush and paint palette

I have to admit something before I begin telling you how to make this pumpkin……it is so insanely easy to make.  The majority of the work involves painting on the paint and letting it dry.  I went around the pumpkin, separating the colored sections by the ribs.  Go around the pumpkin once, then go around it again to get two solid coats.  Let dry thoroughly. Make sure to turn over and finish off the bottom (or don’t worry about it if the bottom isn’t going to show).
Next, use the coordinating color rhinestone sticker and position in the coordinating color section.  This is literally a pull off and stick process, but you will want to make sure you space them in random polka dot style all around around your pumpkin.

And here’s the finished result. SWOON!!!!!!

This is a super fun craft to make for your rainbow-obsessed friends to give as a fall gift for their office or home.

If you aren’t a fan of rainbow, consider painting your pumpkin a solid color, then adding tone on tone rhinestone dots. You could also use a complementary color for fun contrast!


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Oh Crap! Now what do I do?

My dining room table is filled with Halloween “leftovers”.

Around this time of year, I get a case of the blogger blues. Yep, that’s right, I get depressed about blogging and keeping “The Swell Life” I have together. The reason? As you see above, I obviously LOVE Halloween. October and the witching season is the time of year where I have my most creative mojo. The fall/Halloween season appeals to me cause it is whimsical, playful, loud, colorful, and creepy. I love all those things mixed together. I don’t really get that fulfillment out of any other time of the year.

I also get kinda sad, cause I work really hard at keeping my blog fresh, updated and brimming with fun ideas. This brings me a lot of new fans, followers, and pretty big numbers to my blog. It is very rewarding. My content throughout the rest of the year, while creative, doesn’t get me the same reaction or attention. Side note: I’m the youngest of 5 kids, so I have always been one to crave attention. LOL. Not in an unhealthy way or anything, I just am easily excitable and more motivated by it.

So, that leaves me in a weird spot. I’ve thought about a few things I could do. I would love your feedback and supportive ideas. I really would like to keep my passion alive and not have it fizzle out, just because my favorite season has passed by!

1) Create a new site devoted to year round Halloween ideas. It would be something in a same/similar format as my FontCrafts site (please check it out if you haven’t done so already – I’d love your feedback!) I would post a lot of my existing Halloween projects on there and add new ones from time to time too! At Halloween, though, it would be my main spot for Halloween action.

2) Keep my Swelldesigner blog for occasional sharing of photos/DIYs when the mood strikes, but mainly focus on my sister site FontCrafts. Revive this blog mostly around Halloween season.

I really feel like Halloween and FontCrafts are my two major interests and strong niches in the crafty realm at the moment and I’d like to nurture them more. I’m just not sure what step to take next and I’d love your insight!

And full disclosure: I’m totally writing this post tonight cause I couldn’t think of anything else I wanted to post about. I feel it’s too soon to focus on Christmas Crafts and I’m not as excited about Thanksgiving all that much, even though I do think it’s a beautiful holiday!

Until next time Swellions!


Forged Foil Pumpkins

Want something sparkly and fun for Halloween, that will take you into the Thanksgiving season? Here’s a pretty and rustic way to add some flash to your pumpkins in just minutes and it’s using my fave craft supply…Tacky Glue! This is actually a classic Tacky Glue technique created by Aleene in the 50’s or 60’s. I got to use up some cute little candy wrappers that I bought at Sur La Table a while back. I was excited to have the perfect project to use them on! OK, let’s get started!

– mini pumpkins
– foil squares (buy them in the candy aisle or use save your candy foil wrappers)
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
– black paint (I used Tulip® Fabric Spray Paint and it worked perfect!)
– foam brush

1. Crinkle the little foil squares. Don’t roll it into a ball, just gently crinkle and reflatten out.

2. Generously apply Tacky Glue and glue to pumpkin. Cover entire pumpkin area except stem.

3. Give the pumpkin an aged look by applying a bit of paint (add paint to random areas all over of pumpkin)

4. Use a paper towel to rub off paint.

There you have it! Simple and pretty pumpkins in minutes.

It will make such a pretty mantel display or be the perfect fall accent for your table centerpiece!

Until next time Swellions!


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Spooky Halloween Pillows

I’m one lucky gal! Last week, my parents were in town and my mom (the most talented seamstress I know) and I were on a mission to craft it up! While I worked on the candy corn onesie, she whipped up these wonderful and whimsical pillows for me! We had made a trip to our local quilting shop, Quilters Paradise in Clovis, CA. I instantly fell in love with this print called “Haunted House” by Alexander Henry. I love the illustrations and they have a very funky/cool retro vibe! In fact, all of the Alexander Henry Halloween fabrics were just divine. It was so hard to choose! I paired this pattern up with the “Spooktakular Too” polka dot print by Debbie Taylor Kerman for Henry Glass Fabrics. Sewed up with pom pom trims in black and orange, I think they turned out absolutely darling.

Here’s some more cute details!

Everytime I see a black cat, I’m drawn. I have a warm spot because of my black cat Pixie.

It’s true, pom poms make everything better. My new kitten agrees. Let’s hope he doesn’t tear these up!

I love the detail of the illustration down to her striped sleeves and wart on her chin!

Here’s another view! I paired it up with my font tablecloth/makeshift slipcover. Last year, my friend Silvia helped me decorate my living room (blogged here)and gave me the idea to use the tablecloth this way. I think it’s genius!

Thanks Mom for the darling pillows. I absolutely love and cherish them!!

Until next time Swellions!


Terrorific Tuesday Picks of the Week

Another week, another great set of Halloween ideas! People are so clever and creative this time of year. I think we all get a little colder and more nesting-like and want to just create, don’t you? I just love the spooky mantle (above) from A We Meenit. I can’t wait till I have my own mantle and can decorate like this!

How adorable is this polka dot pumpkin in an embroidery hoop from Little Lulu’s nest? It’s soooo sweet!

Yeah, I gotta thing for polka dots! That’s why this cute polka dot printable from Oceans of Notions caught my eye!

This spooky tree by Freaking Craft is, well, uh, SPOOKY! She shares the easy, quick revamp on her blog! She made it for pennies!!

Musings from Kim K has fun potion ideas and cute ephemera decorating ideas. I just love this little Halloween party hat. She used a hat from the dollar store as her template!

Join me next week, Wednesday, October 25th all day for the last installment of the Terrorific Tuesday blog hop. I hope you’ll link up and add your project. It might just get featured like these did!

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Until next time Swellions!


Halloween projects that I would LOVE to create!

Today I wanted to share with you some super cute and funky projects made at my work iLoveToCreate! Now, while I craft at home on my own time, at work, I’m a graphic designer and social media coordinator. So, I don’t craft much on the job. We do; however, have a slew of cool craft designers and bloggers that make wonderful, fabulous projects that are all kinds of fun! The shoes, above, for example were by my co-worker and fab friend PattieWack. I just LOVE them. It really want to make my own pair for Halloween!! Check out the polka dot glitter shoe tutorial on the blog.

I just LOVE this Glow-in-the-Dark corset iLoveToCreate blogger Maya Murillo made from a t-shirt! Actually it is a t-shirt, but when the lights are off it looks like a glowing corset. Cool huh?

I have always been amazed by Alisa Burke’s artistry and these pretty pumpkins have always been one of my fave pumpkin projects! So sophisticated for someone who isn’t a big Halloween person (I’m not sure how that would actually be possible, but I’m thinking there might be people out there).

And there’s so many adorable projects on iLoveToCreate.com! I just love this Skeleton Love bag by Allee Marderosian and Mummy Mania Water Bottle Wraps Here’s some more fun Halloween projects to add to your list before it’s too late to make them!

What projects have you been making leading up to the big day?

Until next time Swellions!


Candy Corn Button Pumpkin

I’m quickly regretting not just doing a special series this week called “Candy Corn Crafts” and coming up with a corny and candy sweet graphic to along with it! Haha. Here’s my latest addition, the Candy Corn Button Pumpkin!

FYI If you like this post, you’ll love my DIY Halloween page called Easy Pumpkin Ideas where you’ll find 10+ project DIYs! Check ’em out!

This is perhaps the easiest craft you can do (much like my sparkly sequin pumpkins last year)! All it requires are some small buttons in orange, yellow, and white, a small pumpkin (mine was white), and a bottle of Aleene’s® Original Tacky Glue®! Glue those itty bitty buttons on in the white, orange, yellow color order (the true color order of real candy corn) and you’ve got an adorable little pumpkin to display on your mantle or give away as a treat to a friend!

Until next time Swellions!


Make a Candy Corn Feather Wreath


If you’ve been following my blog this Halloween season, you know one thing is certain… I LOVE CANDY CORN! I thought I’d make candy corn a bit more sophisticated and make a fun wreath to display as part of my Halloween décor. It only took a few supplies and the finished result that took all of 10 minutes to make is full, feathery, fluffy, and amazing! YAY!

– Write styrofoam wreath form (mine was 12″)
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
– 3 Zucker Feather Boas in orange, white, and yellow (I got mine 40% off at Hancock)
– Scissors

What you do:
1. Wrap the first boa using Tacky Glue to hold in place as you go. You want the boa to cover 1/3 the circumference of the wreath.

2. Cut the orange boa in half. Wrap it around the sides of the wreath, gluing in place as you go. This glue works really great and tacks on immediately! Finish off the last 1/3 of the wreath using the yellow boa. Let dry.

3. VERY IMPORTANT STEP! Have a cute kitten inspect your wreath for accuracy and fluffability. Once kitten-certified, it is ready to hang!

Proudly display your new candy corn feather wreath. I hung mine in between a set of square frames in my dining room. I thought it would make for an eye-catching display!

Add some ornament baubles in a fun grouping or candy corn woodsie shapes if you want to dress it up even more!

You can also use your wreath as a fun centerpiece. Put a big pumpkin or bowl of Halloween ornaments inside. It makes a bright, festive, and funky display!


Hope you enjoyed this wreath! If you liked it, you might enjoy some of my other candy corn crafts!!

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Until next time Swellions!


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Make a Candy Corn Tie Dye Onesie

If you’re looking for a super cute costume idea for a babe, you can’t get much cuter than a Candy Corn! This is a simple, simple project that will take minutes for you to make but will get lots of oohs and ahhs over how great it looks! And if you’re so inclined, make your own version using an adult shirt or tank top. It’s a great alternative to wear to a party and still look super festive! Here’s how you do it!

– White 100% Cotton onesies (I used Gerber brand)
– Tulip® One-step Tie Dye colors in orange and yellow
– Surface covers or plastic bags, craft gloves, and a plastic apron (recommended)

How to make it
1. Rinse out your onesie in your sink, squeeze out water. You want it very damp, but not soaking wet. This is so that the dye takes better to the fabric!

2. Prepare your work area with plastic bags. Tulip actually makes a great surface cover, craft gloves, and apron that you can get at the store when you are picking up your tie dye! It makes the process much easier and neater!

3. Get out your Tulip® One-Step Tie Dye in orange and yellow. Fill them to the top with water, shake and mix up, and you are ready to go!!

4. It’s best to start with the middle orange section first. I found that it was easier to control the dye this way and the colors bled together best. I also have a crazy hand for dye so on another onesie I attempted I went to far up and left very little white. By doing the middle orange section, this was a little “safety” for me so I wouldn’t get too crazy with the dye!

5. Now fill in the yellow section and saturate that area. The dye will very much soak through the fabric and onto the back so no need to flip over to cover up spots.

6. Let the dye sit for 4-6 hours. You will want to cover it up with a plastic bag or surface cover. I found that the results were better if you could let your dye set on the table and cover it rather than having to transport it or move it to another bag to set.

7. Wash the dye out in the sink until the water from the onesie runs clear. You will want to make sure to wash it from the white top with the water flowing down; otherwise some of your orange and yellow colors could flow onto your bright white section, and that would be crappy!

8. Wash by itself on a small load setting with a little detergent. Dry as you normally do!

Until next time Swellions!


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Terrorific Tuesday Picks of the Week


It was so hard picking from all the Terrorific Tuesday entries. You guys made such awesome projects. I’m so glad you linked up to my little party and I hope you’ll join me again next week for the fun!

Sew Woodsy got all “Carrie” on us and made these creepy Zombie Hand Planters (above). What an awesome concept and perfect dollar store craft!

The Dies Have It amazes me with this fall paper craft “Ghoul Garden” artwork!

I’m mad for Hillary Courson’s super cute Halloween décor. I could look at Halloween stuff for days, I tell ya. DAYS!

These little argyle sweater cookies by The Enchanted Oven are about the cutest thing I have ever seen!! How perfect for Fall!

This spooky mirror art eyes by My Life in Black and White is super cool! I love the personality in the eyes!!

I’m also a sucker for a classic Halloween craft. These stiffened ghosts by Over the Big Moon are so fun! I want to do a whole ceiling of them!!!!

Join me next week, Wednesday, October 18th all day for the next installment of the Terrorific Tuesday blog hop. I hope you’ll link up and add your project. It might just get featured like these did!

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