Terrorific Tuesday Blog Hop Time!

Welcome to another Terrorific Tuesday Blog Hop party! Can you believe October is almost over? It makes me really, really sad since it is both my birthday month and spooky, fun Halloween month! I guess I’ll just have to file all the wonderful ideas shared on Terrorific Tuesdays away for next year, huh?

For this last edition of Terrorific Tuesdays, I want to leave you with a very special Halloween bout presented to you by my kitten Dexter, and Vlad, the lovable vampire (he’s so ugly he’s cute).

Here’s all you have to do to join the blog hop fun!

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Until next time Swellions!


Terrorific Tuesday 2009 Week 4


Well, it’s the last week of Terrorific Tuesday 2009! I appreciate everyone who have participated in this fun lil’ roundup of craftiness! I think a lot of people enjoy looking through these projects and getting inspired…that’s why I put it together ๐Ÿ™‚ Now without further fanfare, I bring you week 4 of Terrorific Tuesday 2009!

Trick or Treat!
Frame and post it note holder dressed for Halloween

Costumed Kokeshi Dolls
Try out a Halloween idea for a traditional Japanese doll with Crafterella

Halloween Mask
Phyllis Dobbs created a fun and easy Halloween mask – great for adults and kids!

Fun Halloween Lanterns
Stephenie Hamen accessorizes plain paper lanterns with her paper punches.

Black Widow & Bloody Necklaces
Pattie Wack uses 3-D paint to create chokers that will creep out your party guests!

Tutu Cute Halloween Wreath
Vanessa creates an inspired wreath made of tulle!

Mad Scientist Party
Amy of Living Locurto shares a slew of fun ideas to host your own Mad Scientist Party.

Halloween Zombie Dolls
Crafty Chica shows how to add some zombie love to your decor!

Boopsie Daisy shares some of the wonderful Halloween dollies that she dreams up!

Crafty Chica’s Ghost Story!
Kathy Cano-Murillo shares a haunted crafty tale!

Halloween Cone Witches
Make these cute little paper cone witches for Halloween!

Halloween Leftovers
Mel takes the leftovers from last week’s project and makes a cool Goth choker!

Brenda Pinnick Halloween Owls
Seasonal Owls for Scaring or Delighting Trick or Treaters

The Impatient Crafter
Margot creates another spooktacular mixed media necklace with a bite.

Halloween Batty Windchime
Heidi Borchers creates a super cute windchime with personality!

Kitschy Kitschy BOO
Add some Halloween flair to your day with this cute kitschy bracelet and earring combo!

Simple Halloween Gift Tags
Studio Mama makes a strong impact with these quick and easy tags!

Strands of Beads
Melissa once again gives some pretty flower beads a Gothic makeover with this simple earring design

Costume Fun
Sharron Westerfield shares her passion for costume-making and the joy it brings her grandchildren.

Return of the Birthday Zombie
Candace is cracking herself up with this ghoulish gift box idea

Doodle Pumpkin
Swelldesigner a.k.a. Alexa Westerfield shows you how to make a fun pumpkin on the fly!

And the winner Swell and Spooktastic prize pack is…

Pixie wasn't interested in picking a winner

So I held the drawing tonight for the contest winner of the Swell and Spooktastic Halloween Prize Pack!

I asked Pixie, our Terrorific Tuesday mascot to do the honors, but do you know what? She wasn’t the least bit interested. She snubbed you guys! She just sniffed at the box then turned around and walked away and went in the bathroom to eat more cat food.

I told her, “Missy, you need to straighten up and participate!”, but like most children, it goes in one ear and out the other. Same goes for when I tell her to clean out her own litter box. Kids these days.

So I did the honors for the contest myself and the winner was:

The winner

(cebrown117 at yahoo dot com)

Here’s what she had to say in her comment:

“Hi Alexa. I love your blog, I came across it a few days ago and I’m currently reading ALL of the old posts to get caught up. I know, totally crazy.

Anyway, here’s my (food) craft.
Last year for my daughter’s Halloween party I made a “Yummy Mummy” for dinner. The children loved it! I used a generic calzone recipe but instead of making the normal half-moon shaped calzones I made mine log shaped plus 1 oblong circle for the head. I baked them all until they were almost done then I formed them into the mummy shape and cover them with fillo dough. I dusted him with parmesan cheese to get rid of the gloss that comes from the egg wash and also gives it an “aged” look. I had to make recipe cards for the other mothers, it was a huge success.”

I loved this idea as well as reading all your Halloween inspiration, stories, and ideas and links! I appreciate that you took the time out of your busy day to share! I totally suggest that you all go back in and read the comments section. There’s some great inspiration to be found in there.

Until next time Swellions!


Terrorific Tuesday 2009 Week 2

terrorific tuesday week 2

Another week! Another helping of Halloween goodness. Check out what the fabulous crafters from all walks of life are up to this Terrorific Tuesday for the second week of October!

This little light
Light up the night with this cute pumpkin votive holder from Kat the Fearless Crafter.

Sugar Skull Bracelet & Bats in the Belfry Choker
Candace is having way too much fun with shrink plastc! Check out these fun and charming crafts on the Spirit Clay blog.

Dollar Tree Decorated Lights Tutorial
Come and decorate some Dollar Tree Skulls with Crafterella, don’t forget your sharpie markers!

The Impatient Crafter for iLoveToCreate
Whip up a Halloween Invitation that’s a real ‘hoot’ with Madge in this project for iLoveToCreate!

Spooky Halloween Coasters
Cheryl Ball of Still Crafty After 50 shares some fun, funky, and spirited coasters!

Halloween Treat Bowl
Create a fun and festive treat dish with Inspired at Home!

Strands of Beads
Melissa creates a whimsical seasonal necklace based on the theme “pushing up daisies”.

Basic Black Box Meets Pumpkin Patch
Whip up Halloween favor boxes in minutes with brand new Sizzix ScoreBoard dies.

Mummy Mannequin
Create a mummy that will be a memorable accent at your Halloween party with Pattiewack!

Munchkin Mama’s Crispy Peanut Butter Balls
Munchkin Mama has a great recipe for no bake peanut butter balls that the whole family will want to make!

Witch Parking!!
Make a “Witch Parking” sign on the Mucky Finger’s blog!

Vintage-Inspired Halloween Tree Topper
Shannon shows off her new Halloween tree topper, inspired by vintage crepe paper crafts!

The Impatient Crafter
Make a whimsical and elegant Halloween necklace with Madge!

Jack-O-Lantern Waterfalls
Studio Mama shows you how to make some fun and festive earrings for the Halloween season.

Glow in the Dark Jewelry
Use glow in the dark polymer clay and rubber stamps to produce eerie Halloween jewerly.

Crafty Chica’s Paint Drip Pumpkin!
A loca idea on the fly turned out muy fantastico!

Free Printable Halloween Cup Sleeves
Youโ€™ll be a hit with these labels for hot beverages at your Halloween party.

Scarecow Sweatshirt
Sharron Westerfield shares a cute scarecrow sweatshirt she made from a fun downloadable pattern from Janome!

Halloween Ribbon Brooches and Fascinators
Alexa Westerfield a.k.a. Swelldesigner whips some quick and cute Halloween accessories!

R.I.P. Skeleton in Coffin
Guarantee a spooktacular Halloween Party with a skeleton in a coffin treat filled centerpiece!

Happy October Kewpies
Find inspiration in this colorful and cute candy corn Kewpie photo from Boopsie Daisy!

If you would like to join in the fun next week, e-mail Alexa at swelldesigner@yahoo.com and put in your subject line “Terrorific Tuesday”. She’ll get you added to the group!

Bewitching Plaque

bewitched plaque

I have seen several gift manufacturers make super cute little Halloween plaques like this one at super outrageous prices, so I decided to take this idea into my own hands! Using stickers, paint, beads, wire and ribbon, I whipped this one up in no time, and I’m really excited with how cute it turned out! Here’s how you can make your very own!

Bewitching Plaque

What you need:
โ€“ oval wood plaque (I purchased my at Wal-mart for 96ยข)
โ€“ orange acrylic paint
โ€“ Black Scribbles paint
โ€“ Collage Pauge Instant Decopauge medium in Sparkle
โ€“ 1″ foot 22 gauge wire
โ€“ Halloween ribbons in various colors (I also used tulle strips)
โ€“ random beads in Halloween colors
โ€“ handheld drill or power drill
โ€“ wire cutters
โ€“ stickers of your choice (these are all hand-drawn star stickers that I made)
โ€“ pencil

What you do:
1. Paint your plaque with orange acrylic paint.
2. Space out two holes about 5 inches apart from each other and at top of plaque. Mark with a dot for drilling. Drill two small holes for the wire to go through.
3. Freehand the word “Bewitched” or phrase of your choice on your plaque lightly in pencil. Shake Scribbles paint bottle, remove cap and start squeezing on a scrap piece of paper to prevent air bubbles. Now use Scribbles paint to trace the penciled word.
4. Dot around edge of oval with Scribbles paint in even pattern. Let dry.
5. Print stickers off computer (you can also use store-bought stickers). Place and position on plaque.
6. Brush Collage Pauge Sparkle decopauge over entire surface and let dry.
7. String random beads in asymmetrical pattern on wire. Cut 3 or 4 inch pieces of ribbon and tie in knot in between beads. Position and look compare strung beads to where they will lay with drilled holes. Remove/modify your design if for any reason it looks funky or too busy…do this before the next step!
8. Once you are satisfied with your design, poke wire through the holes and create wire-wrapped loops. Cut off excess wire with wire cutters.

Here’s a little detail of my ribbon and beads strung through the wire.

This really is a simple craft with a big impact! Everyone loves cute crafts that make them smile and this will def. put a smile on your face when you see it! Ha ha…when I was typing in the tags, I literally typed in Witch Craft. Hmm, I guess it is after all!

In honor of my 24 Halloween crafts in 24 hours, I’m giving away a Swell & Spooktastic Halloween prize pack. Click here to check it out and enter!

Check back next hour for another spooktastic craft idea!