Scott the Skeleton

You never know what my friend Scott is going to do. After a long day at work, I walked in the craft studio and found him sitting there wearing the craft supplies! Faux eyeballs, paper maché skull, and all! He sure is silly and it was a photo op for sure. I like to think that Scott the Skeleton is just an average Joe like you or I. He drinks his morning coffee, takes out the trash, and watches Hoarders while eating some Wheat Thins. No bones about it, he’s one cool guy!

Until next time Swellions!


I made my first video!

I got a video camera this weekend and I uploaded this little video showing off some of my craft goodies that I am making/using.

For all of y’all who wonder what I really sound like and look like, this is for you. Super exciting stuff…NOT!

Hee hee. I always think it is weird/cool when you see a person talking in a video that you’ve only seen in pictures. Let me know if anything about it surprises you. Haha.

Oh and if you are interested in some of my little button packs, you can find it here on my Halloween Etsy Shop.

Hope everyone had a super swell holiday weekend. Until next time Swellions!