Halloween Pennant Cupcake Picks

cupcake pennants

This cute cupcake pick idea will take you no time at all. So easy in fact, that it’s perfect for whipping up right before the party! That last line is for all you non-Martha’s out there who are rushing up until the last minute to make your Halloween party the cutest it possibly can be. In fact, it is how I roll too!

Halloween Pennant Cupcake Picks

What you need:
– File folders in various Halloween colors (I purchased mine at Walmart for 19¢)
– Permanent black marker
– Scissors
– Stickers or rhinestones of your choice
– Toothpicks

What you do:

1. Cut out triangles from sides of file folders. See video below.

2. Once shapes are cut out doodle sayings, names, borders, etc. onto your pennant. Accent with stickers or self-adhesive rhinestones for a fun look.

Super easy and super fast…that’s my kinda craft.

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