Halloween Ribbon Fascinators and Brooches

brooch and fascinator

For my Terrorific Tuesday project this week, I wanted to feature my cute little ribbon creations. Making these is so (or should I say sew?) much fun. Here’s how I made them:

What you need:
– various ribbons (I like all sizes, usually wide for the base rosette)
– needle and thread
– glue gun
– scissors
– Liquid Fusion Glue
– Buttons and rhinestones in various sizes
– pinbacks
– bobby pins
– felt in coordinating colors

What you do:
1. Cut approximately 1 foot of the wide 1.5″ ribbon. Knot and thread your needle with thread (I used basic white thread, but if you have the coordinating color, I would use that).
2. At one end of the ribbon, start hand stitching at the bottom edge of your ribbon to the other side.
3. Gather into rosette shape and securely sew in place. Cut thread.
4. Cut 4 strips ribbon into approximately 6″ strips. Fold over and glue gun into loops. Glue all loops together, evenly spacing them into a flower shape. Glue gun on top of other rosette shape you have made.
5. Layer stacks of buttons and/or rhinestones on top of each other. Glue together wiht Liquid Fusion Glue. Center and glue on top of rosettes.
6. Cut out a felt circle approximately 1.5″ to 2″ wide. Flip over layered creation and use glue gun to glue felt to ribbon. Glue on pin back or bobby pin. See below:

brooche and fascinator backs
7. Proudly wear your creation like I did below!

wearing rosette

You can also add these to hairbands or ponytail holders. Another way to accessorize with them would be to add them to a choker necklace, shoes, or make a cool wrist corsage!

Hope you enjoyed this Halloween accessory!

Until next time Swellions!