Halloween store stalking: Pier 1 Imports

I’m a Halloween big store stalker this time of year. My favorite places to go are Target, Jo-ann, Michaels, and Wal-mart. I know there are more, but I’m totally drawing a blank at the moment. Anyway, another fave of mine is Pier 1 Imports. They always have the best seasonal accents and they always have very cool, trendy finds. Here’s some fun eye candy that were a few of my faves.

Peel & stick skeleton mirror
They have a great selection of peel & stick mirrors and wall clings. I thought this mirror skeleton was super cool.

Glitter Candy Corn
I almost had to buy one of these candy corn! I’m kinda obsessed with candy corn as of late. I just have limited space and I already have way too much Halloween stuff. I have to be very careful what I buy, cause I already have three big bins of Halloween stuff! Oh! And they also had mini votive candy corn candles. Too cute!

Witchy salt and pepper shaker
I thought this salt and pepper shaker was really cute and funny.

Halloween lollipops
I love these glitter lollipops. I just don’t have a Halloween tree (something I want one of these days) to put them on.

Bloody candles
I love bleeding candles! I want to have a dinner party using these one of these days!!

Eyeball necklaces
How fun is this necklace! I had trouble not “eyeing” this accessory. They also had matching bracelets.

What stores are your favorite for visiting this time of year? I’m always looking for the next big thing for Halloween!

Until next time Swellions!


5 Freaky Friday Finds

It’s Friday again Time for another round of 5 Freaky Friday Finds! I love Halloween so much. I hope you find my roundup fun and are inspired to start scheming on your own Halloween crafts, decorations, fashion, and festivities!

These red and black candied apples from Matt Bites are amazing! Love how spooky the photo is!

These Doc Marten Glow-in-the-Dark boots are so stinkin’ cool. I’ve never owned a pair, maybe it’s time I invest!

I want to try this fun tutorial from theOutlaw Design Blog. Not an In-Law theme though!

This black gothic skeleton necklace by SerendipityLicious is hauntingly beautiful!

This “Day in the Life of Frank” shirt by David Soames on Threadless makes me laugh. So clever!

I hope you enjoyed these Freaky Friday Finds. I will do my best to bring you more next week!

Until next time Swellions!


5 Freaky Friday Finds

Every Friday until Halloween on Fridays, I’ll be sharing you 5 Freaky Friday Finds that I love and think you will to! These range from things you can buy to inspiration that might get the ideas flowing (or the blood curdling). Anyway, I hope you have fun with me while I share these fabulous Halloween features!


Spooky Vintage Typewriter from Poetic Home.


Lisa Marie’s amazing lined stripe dress via Chud.com. This is what a sexy Halloween costume SHOULD look like!


This is a Halloween craft I want to make! Right up my alley with the stripes and vintage-look! (Via the Allsorts blog)


This cool skull made from pots, pans and other kitchen stuff (via Modern Living).

Screen shot 2010-08-15 at 6.53.05 PM

Great vintage-inspired Halloween tshirts from SpookShows.com.

I’ll be back in another week with 5 more Freaky Friday Finds!

2 great Halloween finds

While I was up in Chicago a couple of weeks ago, I stopped in this store called Climate. It was the most adorable little gift shop. It had all kinds of goodies like my favorite Dept. 56 Glitterville line as well as some Fred products and Two’s company finds.

Well, anyway, these were two of my spooky purchase that I couldn’t pass up. I buy a little something each year for Halloween to add to my collection. I also make tons of stuff as you notice each Tuesday to add to my growing stash (about to get it out and I’ll post a pic just to show you how out of control it really is). Well without further ado…

Zombie Finger Puppets
zombie puppets

Finger Fork/Poke
finger fork

Aren’t they awesome?

WEll, planning on having another fun project for you Swellions tomorrow. I wanted to work on it tonight, but time got away from me. I did work on organizing and throwing away a whole slew of stuff i designed from many years ago that I had tons of copies of and design school mailer stuff (I never went) that I have no intention of pursuing any more.

Until tomorrow Swellions!