Veggie Head Halloween Party Idea

party idea

Looking for a fun way to present your veggies, fruit, or dip this Halloween season? Look no further than your local wig shop or Halloween supply store!

A few years back, I purchased this Styrofoam head for $5 at my local Halloween Express and it sure has come in handy at Halloween time ever since!

All you need is the head form and some toothpicks! Oh, and veggies or fruit of course! I though about how I wanted to arrange the different veggie shapes on my head and then went to town. I simply stuck them in place with the toothpicks. I tried to adorn certain areas like the neck with a radish necklace and the top of the head with red pepper bangs. You could also put radishes for eyes or peppers for funky-looking lips.

For mine, I also decided to scoop out part of the top with a knife so that I could insert a bowl full of dip at top. Be careful when working with the knife when scooping!

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