Halloween Jewelry Collection

Alexa's @swelldesigner's Halloween jewelry selection

Here’s a peek at some of my orange/black/Halloween jewelry photographed by my friend Heather Mann. I have quite a selection of fun rings, necklaces, and earrings! I always look forward to October so I can wear it. It is a bit odd to be wearing orange and black throughout the year or you get dubbed wearing “Halloween colors”. Sometimes I wish Halloween could be all year long, don’t you. The fun, whimsical mood makes me happy and I wish it could last.

Maybe one of these days, I’ll share my whole collection! I plan on having a tutorial of the ribbon rosette necklace. It turned out super cute!

What jewelry do you break out for the Halloween season?

Until next time Swellions!


24 Halloween Crafts in 24 Hours

24 Halloween crafts in 24 hours

Update: Click here for a compiled list hour by hour of all my Halloween crafts I presented on October 8.

If you tuned in last night on Inspired at Home Radio, you heard me talk about my attempt to do 24 Halloween crafts in 24 hours! If you didn’t tune in, you can hear my broadcast here. This is my official announcement here on my blog. Just to clarify, I’m not the first to attempt this feat… Crafty Chica did it back on Earth Day in April and I’ve also noticed 24 blog posts in 24 hours by Elsie Flannigan.

Anyway, my goal with this project is to share ideas and inspire you with quick and easy and very accessible projects. I’ll be covering everything from jewelry to decor ideas to fun food crafts to costumes! And all of the projects I make are something you can achieve in an evening, so it doesn’t mean you have to spend hours of labor slaving away on your crafts! I know very few of us have time to do that!

I also have a little favor of all my blog readers…if you have a blog, could you please share this little button in the side bar of your blog? Then link back here to this post so that others can be clued in about my 24 crafts in 24 hours?

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I have some exciting photos, Halloween stuff, and things to share in the next few days, so please check back this week 🙂

Until next time Swellions!