Make a Halloween Boo Pennant


Here’s a cute Halloween pennant project you can whip up in an afternoon that will get you spirited for Halloween. And it’s in my favorite colors…black, white, orange, and purple! Here’s how you make it!

Halloween Boo Pennant
Scribbles 3D Paint in orange, purple and black
Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
Aleene’s Crystal Clear Tacky Spray
– white adult t-shirt or white cotton material
– large piece of paper (11×17) and pencil
– large piece of foam core
– X-acto knife
– Scissors
– Pinking shears
– Ruler
– Coordinating 3/8″ ribbon spools in colors of your choice
– Eyelet ribbon in orange
– pouncer
– paper plate
– felt in black and white
– 3/8″ dowel rod

How to do it:

1) On a large piece of paper, draw a triangular pennant shape with your pencil and ruler. Cut out the pattern.
2) Trace the pattern lightly with pencil onto your cotton t-shirt material.
3) Spray the back of your material with Tacky Spray in a well-ventilated area. Press onto the foam core and smooth out any air bubbles.
4) Using X-acto, cut out mounted material on foam core following the pattern you lightly sketched on.
5) On your paper plate, squeeze out orange Scribbles paint. Load pouncer and dab a couple of times on paper plate to remove excess. Randomly dot polka dots all over pennant. Let dry.
6) Cut out 3 3″ circles using pinking shears from black felt. Cut out 3 2″ circles from white felt. Use Tacky Glue to mount the two pieces to each other.
7) Draw dots and lines on the black felt as shown using the orange and purple Scribbles paints as shown. On the white felt, draw the letters B – O – O in a swirly fashion with Black Scribbles paint. Once dry, glue these three pieces onto the pennant.
8) Run the orange eyelet ribbon around the edge of the pennant with Tacky Glue.
9) Run the orange eyelet ribbon around the edge of the pennant with Tacky Glue.
10) Using Tacky Glue wrap ribbon around dowel rod. I first used purple up and sown the dowel, then wrapped orange around the dowel to create a fun barber shop pole effect.
11) Cut 3 different ribbons in 1 foot strips. Tie in a knot in the middle. Glue on top of dowel rod with Tacky Glue.
12) Using glue, attach ribbon-wrapped dowel to pennant. Let dry.

Now you have a fun and festive accent to take with you trick or treating or to display on your porch or by your pumpkin! Here’s a fun detail! I love how vibrant and funky the colors turned out!!

boo banner 2

Hope you enjoyed this little project!

Until next time Swellions!


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