Marbled Blacklight Pumpkin DIY


If you’re a pumpkin crafter, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of nail polish pumpkins.  The thing with nail polish pumpkins; however, is that you have very little polish to work with and you generally can only dip smaller-sized pumpkins with them.  Also I personally think using nail polish is a lot more stinkier than spray paint (this may be a personal preference).  Anyway, after seeing this post a few years back Alisa Burke marbleizing paper and ornaments, I knew I wanted to try it with a pumpkin and I’m actually happy with how mine turned out.  Let me show you how easy and fun these are to make!

What you need:

— faux pumpkin
— various colors of spray paint (I used neon so they’d look good under blacklight)
— large bin filled with water
— Gloves (get the gloves, see below)

Before you begin:
Fill a large plastic bin with water. You want enough water so you can submerge your entire pumpkin.

Spray the first color on top. It will spread out as you spray into a halo shape in the water.
Keep spraying and adding more colors till the surface of the water is totally filled with colors.
Once you’ve sprayed the surface, immediately dip your pumpkin.
It takes a little force to push the pumpkin below the water.  It was hard for me to capture on camera, but once your pumpkin is totally dunked, you need to pull it up lifting off the paint from the surface of the water.
If there’s an area of the pumpkin that you’ve missed, you can dunk it back in and focus on that area. You may layer over top of a. section you’ve already covered, but because this is abstract and random, it’s hard to mess it up!
Remember when I said you needed gloves. This is why.  I got the spray paint on my hand and it took a couple days for it totally to be off my hand. There was a lot of hand washing those two days. LOL.

Here’s what it looked like when I set up my blacklight.  I was wanting the neon to really pop and pop it did!  I am looking forward to putting this in my glowing decorations this Halloween!





Awesome Halloween finds at Coffee Times

A very quick post tonight, but wanted to check in with some super cute finds they had at my local Coffee Shop, Coffee Times! They always have the best and most clever Halloween gifts there!

Alligator Dish with Leg Spreader
Alligator dish with foot spreader
The dish could hold crackers or the like or spread I guess. The leg pulls out and has a spreading knife on the end. So funny!

Glitterville Buckets
I heart glitterville!
They’ve actually had these the past couple of years, but I can never get enough of them!

Skull Chandelier
Skull chandelier
They always have a couple of high price ticket items like this skull chandelier. Me likey, but can’t affordey.

Skull Decanter
Skull decanter
This is so awesome too! Love the shiny black look. I’d probably put Kool-aid in here (drinking’s not my thing)…ha, but not the Jim Jones variety.

Skeleton Journal
Cool Halloween journal
Coolest.journal.ever. I just wish it wasn’t $35. I always have good intentions with journals like these, but I would want to have nice handwriting and drawing skills to actually mark in this, and I’m lacking both!

Well, I still haven’t figured out a costume!!! Time is running out, Swellions.