My moment in the CNN spotlight

Before I went to Blogher12 last week, I hung out with my friends Maya and Jeshua.  We made a day of it! We went to Lincoln Center, Central Park, and the Natural History Museum!  And of course, we did all this traveling by the way of the subway.

And this is where I made my national debut…

I spotted a camera guy with a lady standing next to the Subway track. I was kinda curious, since it was NYC and all, and you never know what shenanigans might be going on.  When the lady turned around, I totally realized it was the quirky reporter from CNN!  I quickly made a little shift to the right to get in the shot.  LOL.  I even snapped a quick photo! I guess one might consider it a photobomb!

Kathy later informed me that it was CNN reporter Jeanne Moos. I grew up watching her reports on Headline News!

Look for me at the 2:06 mark behind her!  You’ll see Maya and Jeshua in there too.

I thought it was pretty cool. It’s not everyday I make a national news segment!

Until next time Swellions!


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