Last minute gift idea: Wirework jewelry

One of my fave last-minute gifts to make is wirework rings!  Last year, I made these pretty little rings to give my friends at work. I ordered up some nicer silver wire and went to town making simple rosette and beaded rings.  Everyone loved them.

I also tried making some sweet name necklace charms as you see above. I didn’t get too far on these (ha, so many of my projects go into my project wasteland also known as a plastic tub).  I shouldn’t have given up on the idea, though…I need to fish those suckers out.  Pretty cute, huh?

There are TONS of tutorials online for making rings like these!  Here’s some links to some if you are in need of a fast, easy, and fabulous project to give as a gift. I promise, everyone will LOVE them!

1. Rosette Ring Tutorial from Julie Ann Art
2. Love Ring from SwellMayde
3. Heart Ring from Maize Hutton
4. Bead Ring from Socks & Mittens

Hey, and if you don’t have time to do a real wire ring, use that cheap sparkly wire from the gift wrap section and go to town. I seriously love that stuff!

Until next time Swellions!


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