Wednesday is Lensday: Snapshots from my Week

Here’s a few quick Hipstamatic iPhoneography photos from my week. Man, I love that app! The button photo above was taken at craft night at my friend Patty’s house. I couldn’t resist!

I’m so emo.

A look into my shower. I swear it isn’t as dirty as the photo makes it look!

Christmas balls reflection while at Sephora in JCPenney.

My bedroom window. I don’t ever really open the shade. Everyone could see in from the courtyard!

At home
Someone around Fresno does all these great painted windows. I think they freehand it. I think it’s a special talent.

My pretty friend @pattiewack
My beautiful friend Pattie a.k.a. Pattiewack.

Iron Bird lights
Lanterns at the Iron Bird Cafe.

And I can’t leave out Pixie!

Until next time Swellions!


Let the Sun Shine


Wanted to fill you in on a few things (and also share a few of my recent photos).

– I got my new iPhone. After a small speedbump with the SIM card, it is working like a charm. I’m loving the front facing camera and the new Instabooth iPhone app I downloaded from the App Store.


– Spent Friday night to Pismo’s (a fairly new restaurant in Fresno near Riverpark). The food there is sooooo good. I totally am going to take my friend Tasha there in a couple weeks when she comes to visit. It’s so yummy and the food is always so pretty. Love it!


And on a much random note, a variety of the things I did this weekend: Went to Alana’s baby shower (shopped at Spencer’s – ha! for the gift), went to Modesto to see my boys (William and Frankie), went to an estate sale (felt sad looking through stuff that once meant something to someone), got a DQ Peanut Buster Parfait, went to the car wash, washed 3 old episodes of Breaking Bad, watched the movie, The Professional.

OVerall, it was a great weekend. And now, I’m tired and going to bed 🙂

Until next time Swellions!