Not ready quite yet

aluminum christmas tree

Tonight, my friend Katie and I went to Panera and then to Powell’s Candy Shop in the Sierra Vista Mall. At Powell’s, they had a full out holiday display filled with lotsa holiday candies and goodies. Katie was so excited and said she was totally in the holiday spirit. Me, not so much.

See, I really don’t get into the holiday spirit till the day after Thanksgiving. I take my holidays one at a time. I guess this goes back to childhood…in fact, most times, we didn’t get our tree up till sometimes 10 days before Christmas. This year, I’ll prob. get mine up a week after Thanksgiving.

It still alarms me walking into stores and hear the blaring holiday songs and shoppers scurrying about. I don’t know, I’m just not feeling it yet. Is this just me? Are you totally ready for the holidays?

Actually, the only thing I have out right now remotely Christmasy is this holiday mug that my old boss gave me last year. I have to take it in baby steps…baby steps I say!

holiday mug

Don’t you like how I’m now using this hat as my random go to for a bad hair day?

Until next time Swellions!


Christmas at the Westerfield’s

Short post today Swellions! I’m without a computer for a few at home so typing this up after hours (why am I still here, it’s the holidays!!!)

Anyway, wanted to share a few quick pics of my family from this past weekend. We actually already did Christmas (just easier that way), so I can sit back and relax.

My nephews loved the Spygear I got them and Taylor loved her bead kit! She even made a bracelet (completed with crimp beads) all by herself since then. I’m so proud of her!!! She is my crafty little chica! She’s only 7. Below are some quick pics I took. I used my long lens, so I got some great close-ups. Some are a bit blurry, but for the most part I got some really good shots!!!

Grant and Brock with their wrestling masks from Mexico!

so photogenic
My neice Tay is just so photogenic!!!!

hangin' around
Here’s my fam just hangin’ around the on Saturday night!! That’s my grandmother and my brother, Charles on the far right.

tay and brocko's gift
Brocko and Tay Tay made original ornaments for everyone. It was their own design!!! Cute, huh? They are so crafty each year!

helmet head
Grant got a Philadelphia Eagles jersey and helmet! He was excited, but it didn’t show here.

brocko and his webkin
Brock got a new Webkin! He was so overjoyed! His account is about to expire. You have to buy a new Webkin to keep it activated (Sheesh…marketing schemes).

I’d love to share more, but I’m simply outta time! Hope all you Swellions have an awesome holiday filled with love and joy!