Halloween projects that I would LOVE to create!

Today I wanted to share with you some super cute and funky projects made at my work iLoveToCreate! Now, while I craft at home on my own time, at work, I’m a graphic designer and social media coordinator. So, I don’t craft much on the job. We do; however, have a slew of cool craft designers and bloggers that make wonderful, fabulous projects that are all kinds of fun! The shoes, above, for example were by my co-worker and fab friend PattieWack. I just LOVE them. It really want to make my own pair for Halloween!! Check out the polka dot glitter shoe tutorial on the blog.

I just LOVE this Glow-in-the-Dark corset iLoveToCreate blogger Maya Murillo made from a t-shirt! Actually it is a t-shirt, but when the lights are off it looks like a glowing corset. Cool huh?

I have always been amazed by Alisa Burke’s artistry and these pretty pumpkins have always been one of my fave pumpkin projects! So sophisticated for someone who isn’t a big Halloween person (I’m not sure how that would actually be possible, but I’m thinking there might be people out there).

And there’s so many adorable projects on iLoveToCreate.com! I just love this Skeleton Love bag by Allee Marderosian and Mummy Mania Water Bottle Wraps Here’s some more fun Halloween projects to add to your list before it’s too late to make them!

What projects have you been making leading up to the big day?

Until next time Swellions!