Create a mini Idea book

great idea book

I don’t know if you are like me, but I’m always coming up with ideas and usually write them down on a random sheet of paper that I ultimately lose. I really seriously need to have a more organized approach to this, so I decided to jazz up my own mini idea book. I wanted it to be a reflection of me, so I took this mini cardboard journal and got out my markers and pens and doodled it up!

Since it is small and handheld, it’s the perfect little journal to put in even the tiniest of purses. I’m thinking about finding a mini pen to attach to it as well.

It’s good to get ideas/thoughts out of your head and just write them down. Not all of the ideas are going to be executed or even go beyond that page, but atleast jotting them down helps you clarify and get the thought process going.

These are the few things I find myself needing this journal for…

– quick design sketches
– mini creative lists
– products that I can research/remember later
– names/authors of books I want to look into
– trends I see while shopping
– color inspiration
– blogs/web sites/e-mails
– doodles
– blog topic ideas
– new project ideas
– measurements
– lists
– phone numbers

You may even want to create little pockets in your journal to slide down in clippings or crafty business cards!

Obviously, anyone who keeps a journal will do what they do with their own, but having your own may just be the perfect tool to helping you organize your ideas and give you some creative clarity!

Oh, and by the way, here’s the back of my little journal!

back of great idea book
Until next time Swellions!