Some crafty/artsy inspiration

Thought I’d share today some fun stuff that inspired me that I thought you would like too 🙂

One of my new Fresno besties, Silvia, had been telling me about her blog and I finally got over there to check it out today. I totally love it and I think you will too! It’s called Studio Mama!


She’s a mother, wife, and artist and oh so inspiring. I think you will find her posts amusing and a breath of fresh air. And her little boy Joshua is just one part of her rich storytelling. Here’s a few photos that are a little visual representation of her blog


I was inspired today by this image by Flickr user Better Off Dead (Claire Marie Vogel) (thus partially why I did my 172/365 photo today the way I did).


I’m also in a very Lisa Frank mood these days. Look how bright and busy this imagery is! I always loved it as a kid…I remember when you had to get it at a sticker shop or little gift boutique…it wasn’t in the mass retail shops like Wal-mart. Oh, the good ol’ days when a find really was a find (and not a google find…haha).



I found the cover of the new V magazine featuring Lady Gaga to be very visually interesting. I think she is truly innovative and and very conceptual with her looks and I like that. While I don’t follow her all that closely, I’m always amazed by her ever changing look and that she’s willing to push the envelope. I think it would be fun to do a Lady Gaga inspired photo shoot! Hmmm, maybe I’ll have to go wig shopping in the near future?


Oh, and last but not least, this Inspiration Board post from It’s a Jaime Thing will make your heart swoon. Though I have no plans of marrying in the near future (you have to have prospects first in order for that to happen), I love, love, love wedding inspiration. I think it’s one of the few times when adults actually get in tune with their crafty side, so that’s why there is so much inspiration to be found. Oh, and check out the Halloween wedding inspiration toward the bottom of the post…LOVE!

Until next time Swellions!