How to make an Instagram Photo Pumpkin

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Whoa! I’m doing a lot of Halloween tutorials as of late. I guess the Halloween season puts me in a creative mood!  So without further ado, here’s my latest…an Instagram Photo pumpkin. I’m super addicted to Instagram and playing with fun photo filters, so this pumpkin was a no-brainer project for me.  If you are wanting a totally unique, totally you pumpkin or a special pumpkin to give as a gift, this is the pumpkin for you!
What you need:– Small pumpkin
– Laserjet printouts of your instagram photos (I just tiled mine up in my Preview program on my mac)
Note:  I tiled up about 20+ images to cover my small pumpkin
– Scissors or paper cutter
Collage Pauge Instant Decopauge Medium
– Plate to pour your Collage Pauge onto
– foam brush (if desired)
1. Cut out each of your images from your laserjet sheet. Laserjet works best for this project as the ink doesn’t smear.  Apply a little Collage Pauge to the back of your image.
2. Apply the image onto the pumpkin and adding another coat of Collage Pauge with your finger (or foam brush). Do your best to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles.

3.  Continue randomly applying your images to your pumpkin, overlapping as you go. I didn’t want to leave any pumpkin areas exposed. I also covered the stem for a cohesive look, but you could also use glitter or paint to embellish the stem. Let the Collage Pauge dry (this will take an hour or so).

Can you believe this pumpkin was that simple?  Yep, you can make and display it in a couple hours.  Notice the little girl in the photo above?  Yep, that’s me circa 1984. And the skull at bottom is a piece by my friend Crafty Chica.

You can use photos of people, things, or your pets. The ideas are endless. You could also just do it entirely in black and white. It’s up to you!

Until next time Swellions!


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Instagram Mosaic Photo Phone Cover Tutorial


I’ve been addicted to Instagram for a while now.  It’s the fun little app that lets you color correct your photos in all kind of vintage looks and share them with your Instagram friends. Yes, it’s another social network.  I call it the new Flickr, since everyone is sharing photos on it left and right and it’s full of hype right now! Instagram is only available for iPhone and Android users and is not a site/progam you can access online.  Since I’ve got a hankering for it these days and keep up two accounts (@swelldesigner and @ilovetocreate), I thought I’d create a little mosaic of some of my favorite recent photos I’ve processed using it.  This is super simple to do and you can get your own custom photo background in less than an hour!

All you need to make your own Instagram iPhone background is a clear case (you can buy them on Ebay for a couple bucks each), Photoshop or software editing program, a personal printer, and paper! Here’s how I made mine. These are very loose instructions as I often do projects of this nature on the fly!

1. Trace your purchased clear case and openings on paper and scan it in or download this template if you are using a case for the 4G phone. This is the template I used and it is 300dpi for better photo resolution.

2. Open up your template. If you’ve made your own template you will want to use the magic wand to clear everything but the traced outline.

3. Collect your instagram photos from your phone. Open them in Photoshop and copy and paste them into your document, leaving your template layer as a guideline at the bottom. Each photo will have it’s own layer. You can name them if you want to. Select all the layers with photos to proportionally size them at the same time. I chose to make mine 4 across and 8 down, but you can make your photos larger or smaller if you wish.


I laid out basic guidelines (I eyeballed them, but you might want to be more precise) and arranged my pictures inside.All my Instagram photos have different border widths and shapes, so I wasn’t too worried it they didn’t line up perfectly.

5. Once you have your pictures laid out to your liking, copy the bottom template and paste it in a new layer at top. This will be a guideline for cutting your design out once printed. Go back to your bottom layer and fill in your template with a black background. I found that this helped unify the photos, but you can leave it white if you wish.

6. Print out your background. Use scissors or an X-acto to cut out your design. Insert into your clear iPhone case and you have a cool new case to show off that is uniquely all your own!


Do you have the Instagram fever yet? I can only imagine it growing even more in popularity since Facebook just bought it for 1 BILLION dollars! Do you think you might just make your own mosaic background for your phone?

Until next time Swellions!


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A visit to the Home Depot

A day at the depot

A lot of crafty folks really get excited about hardware stores. I am not one of them. I think it was going to a fair share of them as a kid. I just don’t get into it if I don’t have a project in mind. So, when my boyfriend said we were going to Home Depot, I thought it would be just another boring trip.

As I was making my way into the store. I discovered a row of cool shopping carts that was totally photo worthy…well, I was on the mission for photos (using my instagram app) at that point and it made my visit to the Home Depot much more enjoyable!

Orange carts



Plumbing parts



Home depot day

Until next time Swellions!


Fun with my Instagram App

Tonight I went over to my friend Patty’s house for dinner and crafts with 5 crafty friends. Here’s some of the fun photos I took and wanted to share! The photo above is of Patty’s pretty yarn! She was working on a scarf

This is a photo of a rainbow of colors on the cardstock packaging.

Cherry stars
Celena used her Cricut machine and made a layered cherry. She attached it to an envelope that Kim had made with her wooden envelope folder (using Dollar Tree metallic star paper).

Funny faces
Silvia and I made funny faces.

Stacy posed for the camera. How adorable is her lifted paw?

Donna and Orange Kitty
Here’s a happy Donna and Orange Kitty.

Orange Kitty was not happy
And here’s a very angry Orange Kitty wearing a Sew Doggy Style party hat! Orange Kitty doesn’t want to party just like it’s his birthday!

Until next time Swellions!


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