My photo used in the International Bowling Museum

International Bowling Museum

A few months back I was contacted via Flickr by Museum Arts, a museum exhibition company about using one of my signage photos for an exhibition at the new International Bowling Muesum in Arlington, Texas. Of course, I thought this was really cool and granted them permission. I got the photo of the final exhibition today and it is shown above. Cool, eh? I love that I got to be a part of the exhibition. I’ve always had a small connection to bowling. Both my dad and Grandmother were on leagues when I was a kid and I spent many a days hanging out at the bowling alley…one of which was the Bowlodrome in Owensboro, KY (love that name!!) I also watched a lot of bowling with my grandmother as a kid. She loved watching it on TV! I found it incredibly boring, but I knew she loved it. It was always on the Wide World of Sports on ABC!

Anyway, here’s my original photo. I took this while with my mom 2-3 years back. I made her drive back so I could take it. Loading/tagging my photos on Flickr has given me some pretty cool opportunities. People are def. noticing your stuff on Flickr, even when you don’t think anyone cares. If you put your stuff out there for others to see, they will take notice!

Here’s the original photo:
crescent bowl

Thanks George at Museum Arts for using my photo. I’m honored! Oh, and go on their facebook page and check out some of their other exhibitions! They are amazingly detailed and cool!!!!

Until next time Swellions!