My Night in Photos




I had a very random night. It started off with a trip to a couple Art Hop Venues and ended at a tattoo parlor. No joke. And no, It didn’t end in me getting a tattoo, actually my friend Tar’lese. She got a tattoo and I helped her pick the phrase and font. It was a total whim thing.

There was some random walking around, going to new places, I’ve never been and breaking out of the mode. I don’t go out most weeknights other than to dinner or a shopping trip now and then, so it was fun to do something totally unexpected. Here’s some of my pics I took tonight! They include a bar, a cool architectural storefront, and other random goofball pics!


Cool lighting


Dinner for 1

And some artful tattoo pics. Tar’lese, please don’t be mad at me for showing these! I tried to pic some artful and pretty ones.


be present

And here’s her finished design! It says, “Be Present Every Day”.

And here’s Tar’lese being present in the moment. She’s a crazy lady, I tell you. I have NEVER been able to do this.

I can't do karate, but I can do ca-RAZY!

Until next time Swellions!